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Friday, June 17, 2011

She's Here

Well yesterday morning I had to take Kali to ge her feet done and so since I am catching Razz everyday, supposed to be twice a day to treat her foot for thrush, I took both of them with me.  As I walk out the gate, Neil says you got  another horse out there.  I said no I never seen one, but Disco was laying down and I never got her up and turns out she had a baby next to her laying down as well.   Soooo of course I had to go back out and check.  Its bay roan and I think its a filly.  I say think cause Disco wouldn't let me touch it, she let me walk up to her and scratch her, but kept the foal on the other side of her while I was that close.  I shoulda brought a halter, but since I didn't, I am not gonna worry about it now.
This morning I got a better look and it is for sure a filly.
So I took a few pictures, treated Razz's foot and loaded up and left.  It was raining overnight here, but we only got a couple tenths.  I sure was glad that we never had as much as they did over in Dalum where I went for the trimming.  They had 3/4 last night and probly half inch this morning, it sure is soggy over there.

We trimmed up Kali, was thinking of putting shoes on her cause her feet are so flat, but she hasn't been tender so far and her feet trim up nice as long as we keep her on schedule, so no shoes for now, which is what I prefer.

Afterwards, since he has a big riding arena there, we rode.  First Kali and she was really good, kinda leans her body out towards the gate for the first couple minutes I ride, but after putting a leg on her a couple times while passing it, she is good to go.  She has a lot more energy and is getting more responsive, pretty nice, I sure like her.

Then I traded saddles and got on Razz.  First time I rode her since she got sore at the beginning of the month.  She is so awesome.  Still has a hard time rating her lope, but even when going super fast and looks out of control, she will stop within a step or two of me saying whoa and using no reins.  So that is an improvement and I can't complain about that. She has figured out when I ask her to slow down at the trot, but needs more lope work.

Then I headed home and had to look at the baby again :)  So the contest I am thinking of, for the prize of the stapler I need a name for her.  Her dam is Play like Disco and the sire is Redford's Blue Chip.  Not sure what kinda of name I am thinking of, I haven't thought much about one so far so I need help.  Can be a registered name or just a barn name, give me some ideas!  I will pick my favorite one and that will be who the prize goes too.


Kate said...

Name: Disco's Chip Off the Block

Barn Name: Marguarita (got that back in her pedigree)

Shirley said...

Hot Chocoletta

Country Gal said...

She is beautiful !
A name um lets see, Dakota Blue , Daisy May, June, Shandy, Dixie, I am sure you will find the perfect name once you know her charactor ! Have a great day !

Country Gal said...

Me again just thought of another few names hehe
Alberta Bound ! Western wonder !

Linda said...

Congrats.......Reddy's Disco

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Casino! (hahaha-'chips' always makes me think of Vegas)

She's a cutie. I like a nice bay roan.

lisa said...

She is a cutie! Reddy Blue Disco, "Balou" for short.

fernvalley01 said...

She is a cutie "Blue Chip Diva"?

oneoldcowgirl said...

Play The Blues?

Janice said...

What a pretty girl, how about "Disco Chip Play Me" Barn name Snip....I can't tell if that is a real snip on her nose or will it all blend together....enjoy her she's a doll.

Rising Rainbow said...

Congratulations! She's very cute. I am terrible with names. Takes me forever to think of them.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Chip's Belle of The Ball

(Get it? A Disco ball)


Horses Are Our Lives said...

Play like Disco and the sire is Redford's Blue Chip

How about Redfords Jazzy Chip "Jazz", Playing the Blues "Blue" for blue roan, Discos Red Chip "Red or Chip".