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Thursday, June 16, 2011

All The stuff I missed this past week

This past week has been kinda crazy and busy and I have been trying to keep posted on whats been going on, but I somehow got behind, so here is a catch up post on the leftovers from the week.

I finally got my garden in, it has been slow going cause its either to wet or I am too busy, but its all in now and I am hoping it will be a late frost cause otherwise everything may not be ready in time, but we will have to see.

And the foaling contest, since I messed up on her breeding dates and so had no idea on her foaling dates, I will change the contest so it will be a name the baby contest, coming tommorow!!!

I also got a package from the Paint Horse Association and I thought it would be Jazz's papers, but turns out I got my award for riding Razz 100 hours (I actually got the hundred hours in March).  I got a certificate, a mug, and a 10% off gift certificate to use to buy something from thier store.  Kinda cool!

I also got this vaccum sealer for Christmas that I had asked for.  I never used it yet cause I thought I would need to do lots for it to be worth while to pull out.  I sealed all the meat that was left over from our branding, and it was so simple and easy, I would sure pull it out for only a bag or two to seal in.

And it must be spring/summer here now, the weather has finally started warming up, I dug out all my shorts and tank tops and even wore them one day!  And it seems like every afternoon we have been getting a thunderstorm, not necessarily any rain, but thunder and lightning and dark skies and it cools off quite a bit.

Oh and I finally brought Kali home again. This time I think she is gonna stay for the summer.  I took her to a branding yesterday and hope to do lots of riding in the cows with her.   She is pretty good, a little afraid of cows looking at her, but she will get over that, and she wouldn't cross water, but I'm sure she will get over that too.  She stood tied to the trailer with the cows milling around and she was a little worried but not too bad, probly good for her.

Oh and I got asked if I am liking Dinero more now that I have used him on cows, and I do have to say he is really nice on cows and on a trail ride, but still not really what I want.

And I got my book in the mail as a prize for winning the foaling contest at Fern Valley Appaloosas,  Thanks Sherry it is such a cool book!


fernvalley01 said...

Busy lady! I didn't even try a garden this year, actually not for a few years.I like the looks lof that sealler,might need to invest in one sometime . Glad you liek the book!

lisa said...

You have been busy and one lucky Lady! Congrats to you on all your goodies! I sure know what you mean with the garden! I still have sweet corn and potatoes to plant yet!

Shirley said...

We used one of those sealers when we butchered Url- they work really well.
What are the registered names of the mare and the sire of the foal?