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Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Branding

On Tuesday we headed up to another branding.  It was looking like a
really nice day till about half hour before the branding we got rain. 
Since he doesn't actually brand, we figured he would go anyways,
so we went to the corrals and sure enough he planned to do it then.

This horse had one of those belt bridles, sure looked cool on him.

He always gets a bunch of his friends to come and help and since it doesn't take long on the ground,  there was lots of room for ropers.

Sometimes there wasnt enough to do in the corral...

Except stand around visiting and drinking beer.

These two brothers wanted to help out, the younger one was marking th calves his mom vaccinated,

And this one was helping castrate.  I love the expression on his face!

They quit after a while and went to chase gohpers.

Sometimes there wasn't enough wrastlers so the roper held one end of the calf.

When the wrasters had to sit on the ground, they got a little muddy.

Jeans also got muddy from the rope when there was so chinks worn.

I like these chinks, not real fancy just enough so they arent plain.  Don't know how
she ropes without wearing gloves though.

Just had to end with this horses brand, thought it was unique.


Country Gal said...

Fantastic photos. Looks like a great time ! Love your new header photo !
Have a wonderful day !

Linda said...

Great pic's.....I even recognize a few faces.

Shirley said...

I was wondering the other day what to do with all my old belts! Not that I need any more bridles.
I love seeing the kids helping and learning, that's how traditions stay alive.

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

Looks like a busy day, fun to see so many people in on the action! You captured some great shots. I love my chinks, can't hardly stand to trail ride without them! ;-)