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Monday, June 6, 2011

Guest Post--Matt West

A couple weeks ago I was approached by Matt West and he asked if I was interested in doing a guest post on style of life versus the alternatives.  He is an aspiring writer with a strong interest in the traditional homestead and self sufficient ways of living.  So I said I was interested and he wrote me an article on finding the health benefits within a sustainable lifestyle.  It sounded interesting, so here it is.

Taking up a more sustainable and simple life may often be considered a challenge, but the long term advantages and benefits can be plentiful.  By taking up a sustainable lifestyle, not only will the environment benefit, but there can also be unlimited health benefits as well.

Living a more sustainable and sufficient life is about simplifying areas of importance.  These people look to cut down on their environmental impact, but in doing so; they have a correlating impact on their own health.  By reducing the threat to outdoor air quality, there is a direct result on health at the same time.  Every year there are numerous toxins that are spread because of humans.  With and increased effort to make adjustments to things that spread toxins, health will see the benefits as well.  Lowering outdoor problems like smog and pollution through lifestyle adjustments will reduce cases of asthma and other respiratory issues.

Living simple and sustainable can also have numerous benefits involving indoor air quality as well.  Because the home is where we spend the majority of our time, making green and Eco friendly adjustments around the house can end up having a major impact on our health.  For example, many older homes lack the proper construction materials within their insulation or roofing qualities.  Past problems have included radon, mold, and asbestos exposure.  Looking for more sustainability within the house often leads to a reevaluation of insulation and roofing, because of the major impact they can have on utility costs.  Also, common household items such as paint and cleaners can be full of VOC's.  Making your own cleaners or investing in organic options are great ways to cut out the risk of this toxin spreading throughout the home.

An investment in growing your own produce is another way that can produce a great impact on health and sustainability at the same time.  Growing produce at home will allow for the dead period between growth and consumption to go away.  Having the produce in the backyard can allow you the chance to consume food whenever you feel necessary, often leading to the freshest food possible. Also, growing at home takes out the risk of possible chemicals and toxins getting into your food.  In today's world, we simply cant stay aware of all the possible problems that may occur with our food.  Growing produce at home takes out this risk.

Living a more simple life is essentially about a total improvement on your life.  It allows people the chance to evaluate their current home and lifestyle, while looking to essentially cut the fat out.  Making some Eco friendly and sufficient adjustments allow for multiple benefits ranging from sustainability and cost saving, so reduced health risks.

I like this article.  When he first suggested it to me, I was kinda worried it was gonna be all organic and over the top craziness, but it really is just simple and basic choices we all should be thinking about. 


lisa said...

You are right, when you first said something I thought, here we go! I agree with certain things, like growing your own food, and we do! The house is an aspect of things that some people just can't afford to make the changes that are needed.

fernvalley01 said...

Great article! Thanks for sharing

Shirley said...

All this is exactly what the hippies back in the 60's and 70's were trying to tell people, and it has taken it this long to become mainstream.