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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Horses and more horses

This week on Monday we got our bulls tested and we got one with a bad foot and one that didn't test.  On Wed Neil took him down to get his feet trimmed and he should be good for the summer.  The one that didn't test will go to the cattle sale next friday.

Tuesday the farrier was coming to Jardis, so I went over and got Jazz ready and she got her feet trimmed.  She was pretty worried about him coming into her stall, but she held her feet up good and was pretty relaxed about it.  Then after I went to town, I come back and we loaded her in the trailer and she doesn't like to go onto different footing.  I have a hard time to get her from the stall to the alley or the alley to the arena, but once she is over that she is really well behaved.  I got her out of her stall not too bad, then one big leap out of the barn, then not sure what she was thinking but got all excited and reared up and fell down.  (It was actually lucky she did slip cause I am not sure I coulda held on if she hadn't) then she got back up again and walked nice by me all the way to the trailer and just jumped on.  That was suprising, since she had to step up but she just done it will a little tug on the rope.  When we got home, I unloded Razz, let her loose and walked Jazz behind her to the gate and undid her halter and she just stood by me until I left.   I am very happy with how the day went.

Wednesday we branded at a neighbors and I vaccinated, I told Jardi I didn't want to go to it cause I don't get to take my pony, and she just laughed and told me to ride there, brand, and ride home.  But I did go (in a truck) and it was fun.  Different crowd there than other brandings too.  And I got lots of info on what is going on in the community, and different types of tooling I like for the chaps I am getting made.

Now all caught up with except I have a guest blogger set to write a post on Monday.  Should be fun! Oh and I had some pretty cool pics of out bull testing and I lost my memory card!  I am not all that happy about it, but Im hoping its in my truck somewhere.  So I leave with some pics of Fly and cleaning up the yard.

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