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Friday, June 1, 2012

Moving Cows With Jessie

On Wednesday I was asked to go help move cows and since I knew I wanted to take Razz to a branding yesterday, I thought I would take Jessie.  I don't think she has ever moved cows, but I know she just does what I ask of her and is not at all afraid of cows so I figured it would work OK.
(first sighting of cows, so far away)

I got there about 8 and we hauled out to the field and some 3 riders headed west and 2 East and us 3 girls got the middle portion.  It was a really big field and so it was good to have lots of help.

(trailing some slow cows back up to the bunch)

Jessie was really good, kinda slow when I wanted to go get a cow, but we didn't loose anything so I guess it was alright.

This big cow was so cute, her calf was little and 
couldn't keep up so she kept stopping and looking back waiting
for him to catch up)

(starting to get em bunched up)

(lots of cows in this bunch, I think like over 600 pairs)

(finally to the gate and across the road)

We gathered the one field and then moved them across the road and after that we were moving them down 3 miles along the fence to a gate at the end.  About halfway through the cows going across the road, we got a call that we were needed in the other field to stop the cows from heading west, so me and Jaz headed out there and pushed them back towards the fence.  It was a never ending battle to get them to stay along side the fence.  Amazing how spread out 630 some pairs can get.  

The view from there was awful pretty, funny how water and trees makes the prairie looks so much nicer.
Finally we got them all through the last gate and we stopped to have a sandwich and cookies and Jessie tried eating some of mine, so I broke off some bread and she ate it and wanted more.  Silly pony.  So while we were waiting I took off her bridle so she could have grass and leave me my lunch.
(what we were waiting for all day, the last calf though the gate)

Then it was a ride back up to the road so we could load the horses and head home.  Pretty good day.  I was really happy with Jessie.  I think I might take her more often out there this summer.  Oh and of course everyone loved her :)


Shirley said...

Good mare- of course they loved her! Nice for her to get out of the arena and log some miles. I love moving cows.

4RRanch said...

spectacular scenery, love the big sky. My husband is a big fan of red cattle.

cdncowgirl said...

No surprise that they liked her, she's a darn nice horse :)

lisa said...

How hard is it to actually move cattle? I have never had the opportunity and I would be afraid of doing the wrong thing if I did have the chance to try it.