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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cutting Clinic

This weekend I took Razz and Gypsy to a mini clinic with Jardi up at Vic Almonds Arena in Ponoka.  It was amazing!  I never got any pictures cause I was too busy riding and learning.  It was soo great.  We worked his flag on Friday and I used Razz and she was afraid of it a little, but not crazy and she worked it but she always wants to pull away before she gives in and we got way behind, so the next day Jardi said I should put her in a snaffle, and I did but I wished I had used it before we went.

I rode Gypsy Saturday morning and we worked the flag with her and she was afraid of it, so we watched it work and then we did follow it a little, but she kept leaning into my leg and ignoring me, grrr.  Sure made me realize what I need to work on with my ponies though!

After lunch, we got some cows that had been used earlier for lessons and were tired.   I took Razz and she was a little concerned about them, but she settled really easily, just walked through them like it was no big deal, I separated one and kinda just followed it around and went back and just did that 6 or 8 times and she was good so we quit there.

This morning they brought fresh cows and we got to use them.  Way more energy in them!  I took Razz first and she was good in the herd, but she just was ignoring me, so we worked on her and I directed her after the cow but she never watched the cow the whole time, I was soooo frustrated with her, I wanted to quit.  But I didn't, we put a martingale on her and gave her a rest and her second go was hugely improved!  I was shocked really, but she must have figured its easier to do it than argue, and I was very pleased with her, so I put her away and got Gypsy. 

Wow she was not at all worried about the cows, but the dehumidifier in the corner she didn't care for.  It is way easier to work on a horse that follows a cow.  It was so much more fun!  I still have to work on her following her nose right away rather than her head coming around and her body following, but I can deal with that.  Glad she got better, cause I was really not liking her before that ride.

We were done, but other people had cows and asked us to sit in the corners while he worked some cows, so I sat up top and pushed the cows towards him as soon as there was a bigger gap between them.  He was really good considering I didn't know when to move, he let me know and was good about it. 

It was an amazing weekend and I may be taking Razz up in January and go in some novice novice cuttings.  There has only been like two others in that class and Jardi says we are about the same level as them, so me and Charlene may go to a few.  Noone can be that good cause neither the horse or rider can have earned over like $200.  But a good place for us to start I think.  I would like to bring Bailey and i wish I had brought her this weekend instead of Gypsy, I think I would have improved more cause I know her and she knows when I ask her to move I mean it and she has chased cows, maybe we can go to another practice (we were invited back anytime)  and see what she is like.


CCC said...

That sounds like a real good learning experience. Glad you got to go do that. You're always improving aren't you?

Shirley said...

What fun! You are going to be hooked on cutting in short order. Even though Bailey might have been a better choice, Gypsy and Razz both got to learn something, and you learned where their holes are, so now you have lots of work to do! Hope you have fun working with them, and do well in the classes.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! You sure learned a lot in that clinic and came out with lots of great training techniques on what to work on with your horses to improve, too. Great weekend!

When you mentioned that you put a snaffle on Razz, what was she wearing prior? What was the difference you felt afterwards?


Rising Rainbow said...

Boy do I understand about being too busy learning at a clinic to take pictures. I do that all the time. Take my camera but never getit out of the bag. LOL

Sounds like a fun time!

gowestferalwoman said...

Sounds like it was worth the time and effort to go! And you're right, they do say if you want to work on yourself at a clinic, bring a horse that works well with you, and vice versa...