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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Weird Sky

Yesterday as I was driving over to ride my ponies, the weather was weird.  It was warm, about -1C at my house and hardly windy and about +3C at Jardis and horribly windy.  On my way I looked at the clouds and they are really weird.

At one spot there was like clouds underneath and clouds over top the sky.  And at other spots there was layers and layers of clouds, not sure what was causing this, a Chinook, or just weird wind, but it was pretty odd looking.

Oh and I never got an xray on my arm, that was why I went to the doctor Monday for till he was stupid.  I should have gone again, but I just don't want to sit in the clinic all day again.  I have a brace on it now and it seems to help, although I may look for the lemongrass oil too.

I rode both ponies on the flag today and Razz first followed Twister (who has 18 months cutting training, so wasn't afraid of the flag at all)  and Razz was really good at it, way better than I have sen her before.  The Gypsy, I'm not sure about her, she gets obnoxious and will not move it really frustrates me, but we eventually got her to follow a little and quit when she relaxed around it moving.

Sounds like on Saturday we may go and work buffalo, that sounds like it should be fun, I have never done anything with buffalo before, so it should be interesting.

Oh and Corvette is my favorite dog.  I tried to talk Neil into buying her for me for Christmas but he says he already has something else planned but didn't like the first one so maybe got it today, makes me a little worried that its something he wants, not something I want, but we will see.


Ann Nichols said...

These are amazing photos! I like your counting - 1 degrees as being warm!! Things really are relative, aren't they! We have 8 degrees today and I'm thinking its an arctic blast! Well, when used to the winds from North Africa, I guess it is!
Hope your arm feels better soon!
PS Please drop around and enter my GIVEAWAY.

fernvalley01 said...

Hope the arm hels up . We hare having a lovely winter storm here

Anonymous said...

Hope that brace helps. It's the pits to only have one wing though isn't it?

Shirley said...

I bet it's tough riding with your arm in a brace. Lemongrass oil really does a good job on tendons and ligaments; maybe you can order some from Sherry; I'm not putting in an order till January.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

You are one tough cowgirl being able to mount, dismount, and ride with only one arm. I'm impressed!
Yeah, that sky is crazy weird...but also beautiful. It's the same color as the snowy ground! We're expecting some snow showers tonight and tomorrow. I doubt there will be any accumulation, though. Our temps are in the 50s and 60's (F) during the day.

Herding buffalo, eh? Should be interesting. Take photos!


ps. Your soap arrived a couple days ago. I love it. Smells great! Thank you :)


gowestferalwoman said...

be careful with the buffalo - i heard that they can be unpredictable...

and darn that Dr! He should have taken an xray - praying and hoping that it heals fast for you so you can use it with no pain. Thats no fun, esp. in the winter.

And your cloud horizon shots are neat; its like you were right on the edge of an opening...


That Dr needs to stay away from the farmasuticals !Praying your arm mends back properly !Love your photos! Buffalo ? thats different do tell later about that. Have a warm and happy day!