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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This year on the 24th (Friday) I went to pick up my sister, her boyfriend and kids and then we headed up to Olds for Christmas Eve dinner at my Moms house.  Its always fun and we have had Christmas Eve at my moms ever since I can remember.  All her brothers and sisters and their kids come and its lots of fun.  We always stay over and open stockings in the morning before heading to Calgary to my Grmpas for Christmas Day.  When I was a kid it used to be a lot shorter drive cause we lived a block away from my Gramma and Grampas.

We stayed there all day and afterwards I spent the night at my sisters so we could go boxing day shopping.  It was not bad until we had the bright idea to go to Chinook Center, that was a crazy crazy place!  There was like hundreds of people in the mall area, but in the stores were not that busy.  We didn't get as many good deals there either, so we left and went to West Hills which was way less busy (except Superstore, which is busy everyday) and we also went to Market and North land mall, neither of which was that busy, probly less busy than before Christmas.  All the electronics stores were busy but I can understand with 50 inch TVs going for under $500 there was  TVs leaving the stores left right and center, if you want any electronics that's the day to get them!  My best deal was at Old Navy, 2 hoodies for $14!  Pretty proud of that one.

I got some pretty awesome gifts from my family, like a food sealer, a floor lamp for over my chair, a Nintendo games, fuzzy pj pants, chocolates, a calender, a halter a lead rope for Disco (in pumpkin), a deep dish pie plate, a day timer, a charger for my phone, some pretty smelling bath salts and lotions.  I don't know how they pick such awesome things, but they always do!

And while at my moms, we got to meet her dog again and she is still cute as ever!  Oh and on Christmas day, my grampa was having shortness of breath again (about the 5th time this month) and so my uncle took him to the hospital, which apparently is crazy on Christmas, and they decided to admit him till they found out what is  wrong for sure.  On boxing day, my mom and aunt went up there with turkey dinner for him and said he is doing fine, but there is fluid build up from his heart operation 10 years ago.  Wow I couldnt' believe it had been that long!  I'm sure it was only  a few years ago, wow time flies!

All in all I had a fun time over Christmas, even if I never had a chance to ride my ponies when the weather was super nice, it was nice to be with family for a change.


lisa said...

Now that I live over 800 miles from my family, I have the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners at my house and the hubbies Aunt and Uncle nad mom and dad come over to my house and we have such a nice relaxing and lovely time. You sound like you did too! I hope your grandpa is ok. Christmas is so nice when you get to spend it with family! You have a Happy New Year!

Cheyenne said...

Those hoodies do sound like great deals. I can't imagine the people-I was surprised to hear you say that stores were fairly quiet in Chinook though. You are a brave soul.

Sounded like a great Christmas. So many wonderful gifts, eh?

gowestferalwoman said...

Merry belated Christmas! It looks like Christmas was very successful at your families get together ;) teehee!

good deal on the hoodies - I like them for those cold mornings where a jacket is too much but just a long sleeve shirt doesnt do...