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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Well I just got warned over the weeknd out first cutting show is on January 8th.  Not sure I am ready for that yet, I know its a month away, but its over Christmas and Charlene is worried she doesnt have chaps and I said I dont either, or a hat or a shirt, or a saddle pad, or a saddle!   Jardi said thats no problem, we can fix you up in time!  I know I can use her saddle and pad, but hat and chaps are different.  We will have to see what she comes up with.

I rode both my girls yesterday and Gypsy is way better, but I sure made her mind think, it was fun, we just did a bunch of different stuff and she was really good.  Razz was way better as well, we trotted for almost 45 minutes and she didnt even sweat!  I sure like her short coat, even though its thick it doesnt seem to sweat as much as longer hair.  Since her massage on Thursday she is way softer and I think she will come around pretty quick now, I just got to be consistant.

I also went to the doctor cause my arm is still sore, and I got the stupid doctor.  I know now why some peoiple hate going to the doctor if they have him.  I heard about him but thought he can't be that bad.  He is.  He touched my arm once and said its not a break, probly a pulled muscle.  Wow.  I am okay if it's not broke, happy about that even,  but since it's been two weeks, I'm pretty sure I would have known it was a pulled muscle.  Dont know why he even said that.  I was so mad, next time if I see him in there, I will come back another day unless I am dying.


Linda said...

I think cutting would be fun. A pulled muscle can sometimes last a LONG time and be pretty painful

fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like exciting times ahead, a pulled or torn muscle often can hurt worse than a break ,and takes forever to heal. But ,I would think a little bit more thorough assesment would be needed that a quickie glance and thats it


Sounds like something to really look forward to. I am sure you and Horsey will do great! As for your arm ,I had bruised muscles, tendons and they found a hairline fracture in two places in my wrist that took about 5 months to heal and it never did heal properly .I still get pain every now and then in it when its damp or cold or I have used it to much and that happened 4 years ago! Have you had it xrayed ? Have a warm and happy day !

Shirley said...

So which horse are you going to show? Both?
does massage help your arm? Lemongrass oil would probably help too.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What an idiot! There's no way to tell if your arm isn't broken without x-rays or an MRI. In fact when my tibial plateau was broken from when my first horse sat back on the rail and broke it (rammed it into me, knocking me down), the x-ray didn't show anything at all. It was only until I had the MRI almost 2 weeks later that it showed my knee was like a broken windshield....thankfully it was a stable compound fracture and I had been using crutches, or I'd have needed to have surgery to get it repaired.

Get x-rays and stay away from the stupid doctor.


gowestferalwoman said...

glad you got some good rides in to take your mind off of things...like stupid drs!