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Monday, December 20, 2010


Yesterday we went over to the neighbors arena to use his buffalo.  They are so different from cows its weird.  I never had too much to do with them before.  We brought them in the arena after we had warmed up and followed them around a while so our ponies could see how they move and get relaxed with them.

Jardi went first on Twister who has done it before so she could find the slow one.  It was the biggest one and she just moved if you made her, perfect for us to start with.  Razz was so much better, a few times she even caught me off guard turning when the buffalo was.  It was pretty cool.  We used the next biggest one and she was quite a bit more unpredictable, moving then stopping then trying to turn, then going the same direction, but Razz still was pretty good.  I was pretty happy with her this time out.

She was really watching the buffalo and not afraid of them at all.  I had to keep her slow or else we would have run over them she was moving so speedy.  The total opposite of Ricky who didn't move very fast to catch up with them.
The pictures are some deer I seen today, the first is 3 bucks hanging out on our road, and the second is the babies that spend the night in our yard, hanging out at a dugout north of our house.


fernvalley01 said...

Sounds good, they say buffalo don't sour like cattle do so they are better to practice with , but I gotta say ,I think my horse might have a pretty severe reaction the first time out!

Kate said...

That sounds like fun, and good work with the horses! Buffalo sure do look different, so it's good the horses adjusted so fast.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever tried using long horns. They can take a lot of pestering. I'm still thinking I would take a cow over one of those buffalo biggies.

gowestferalwoman said...

Buffalo can be huge - brave rider, brave horses!