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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday Stills Hats

This week Sunday Stills was an easy one (thanks Ed) because its the day after Christmas.  I will be in Calgary Boxing Day shopping with my sister, so I am posting this early :)

There are so many different kinds of hats, many for occupations such as construction workers:

Some for cowboys, although I should show a felt hat, but I don't have one even though I do need one soon, where we looked they never had my size.

Some are for winter, this is my favorite touque, although it was better when it still had the tassel that the puppies wrecked:

Some are free, this one from the Grazing school we went to (if you look closely there is a cow on the back of the hat, lol)

Some are for safety, although I never wear this one anymore, but I think I should sometimes even though it feels horribly uncomfortable, which is probly why I never where it.

And some are just for fun!  I got this a few years ago and have never worn it for some reason.
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Anonymous said...

You had a really great variety of hats. You did a super job. Happy Boxing Day. Maybe you'll find a new winter hat while shopping. :)

thecrazysheeplady said...

Quite a collection!

Brenda said...

quite a collection. love the straw hat!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Super job with this challenge.
If I were you, I'd be wearing the helmet(maybe need a new design for comfort?) and that adorable, and funny Grouch hat! :D

The touque is very pretty....not a typical color I've seen around here.


lisa said...

I also need a felt hat but they are hard to get out here and get one that fits right! They usually give me headache's so I don't wear a hat often.

CCC said...

The Oscar one is my favorite!

DayPhoto said...

I love your tougue!Did you make it! Merry Christmas! Happy Boxing Day!


Cheyenne said...

Can't wait to hear what you bought in Calgary-you are a brave soul to brave the city on such a day. Eek!

Great photos too!

Rising Rainbow said...

Lots of choices there, that's cool. I should be wearing my helmet more often myself. My new one is adjustable and actually quite comfortable.

gowestferalwoman said...

Theres a good place for riding helmmts on the web - google "Dovers saddlery" - they have really good sales all the time. Its an english place but they have horse trainer & trail riding helmets too! Keep the brain sane ;)I always say lol!