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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Decorating and an awesome Ride

Yesterday was the day to finally get my Christmas decorations up.  I love Christmas and would love to keep my tree up all year, but not everyone thinks the same.  We have an artificial tree that has the lights built in, so its super easy to put up and all I need is to put my decorations on and plug it in.  A few years ago I won a gift certificate to Drysdales with the Quarter Horse Horseback Riding Program and bought a tree skirt with ponies on it and a matching stocking.  I love them!  I still have a little decorating to do in the rest of the house, but that maybe will be today's project.

The meat packer called and our beef was ready so I went to pick it up and since my ponies are on the way, I stopped to ride.  I got Gypsy first cause I thought I was gonna have a hard ride, but she was so awesome!  Probly the best ride I have had on her yet.  I had planned on working on rollbacks and getting her shoulder moving with her head, but she sometimes pulls on the bit when I ask her to stop and back up, so I thought we will do that first.  So after a long walk warm up cause she was still a little worried a mechanical cow was gonna come jump out of the side of the arena, we trotted and I asked her to stop and back about 10 times and she was so soft every time!  I thought it must have been a fluke, so we walked and relaxed a bit. Then I asked her to walk in a circe and tep over into a spin and she did it too!  So we went back to a trot about 6 more times and perfect stopping, so I quit there, rollbacks next time.  I am not sure what happened there, but I was pretty happy! And since I was running late, I never rode Razz.  But I might go over this afternoon and try Gypsy again and I really wanted Jardis opinion on Razz so she will be around today and I will ask her.

I also went out to check on the babies and Dinero has figured out he can chase them away from the feed, which I seen him do before but then let them in.  But today he wouldn't even let them by the gate and he tried to chase me away and that will never happen, so he got turned out and he can be a big boy and get chased around a while and figure out its not fun to be chased all the time.  I was gonna leave him in till March when I go ride him again, but he may come in again later, we will see.


lisa said...

Lovely tree! I am one of those last minute people and can't wait to take it down after New Years. I also love to go and get a fresh tree. I love the tree skirt!


Nice tree, love the horse skirt. Have a warm and happy day !

Shirley said...

The tree skirt is nice! I just use a red cloth, yours is much nicer.
Good for Gypsy, she's coming along nicely.