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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Too Many

This morning as I was at the optomostrist, who said my eyes haven't changed so I don't get new glasses this time.  Which is kinda cool, but kinda wanted the new glasses, but it seems like a waste of money when there is nothing wrong with the glasses I have.

Anyways, I realized I had seen 5 doctors this week!  Wow I should be healthy!  First on Sunday in emergency that they sent me back to the doctor on Monday, then Tuesday was a day off, them I went to the dentist and the chiropractor on Wednesday and this morning the optomotrist.  Whew I should be good for another year and maybe I can arrange it all to get done at once again, it really was kinda handy.  A little exhausting as they were in three different towns, and I have that clinic this weekend as well, but now I don't have to worry for a while I hope anyways.

In other news, we thought we should work the mechanical cow last night, that was pretty entertaining.  Gypsy wasnt worried about the cow at all, but Ricky (Charlene's horse) was pretty scared of him,never mind when it was all hooked up!  Gypsy got pretty worried about that moving thing too, if she could have gotten closer to the wall, she sure woulda.  She sure can back up when she wants out of somewhere, it was pretty impressive.  She doesn't know, but now I know what she can do.  Oh and thanks for the ideas about the groundwork, ussually I do that with the saddle on and the lead rope behind the saddle, but for some reason I never did it on her, I will try it.

After we were done riding them, I brought Razz out (just in her halter) and she wanted to go up to the cow, a little worried about him, but a lot more aggressive than the other two, I think she will do really good with the flag cause its a lot less scary than the cow.  And it sounds like we may get a chance to ride some good broke horses and use some real cows as well, I cant wait!


fernvalley01 said...

With any luck you can get all your check ups next time without the wreck to start it all. Hope you are feeling better

Linda said...

Somewhere along the way I missed the post about your wreck....I hope all gets well and you enjoy the clinic.

DayPhoto said...

I'm glad you are recovering. Your wreck was pretty dramatic. Not having to buy new glasses is nice---buying new glasses because you want is wonderful!


CCC said...

Have fun.

Shirley said...

Have fun at the clinic! (Lucky girl!) It's kinda funny that Ricky didn't like the mechanical cow. But he'll get over it!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I would imagine that a mechanical cow is much more scary than a real one. Don't they make some strange sounds when turned on?

Lucky you...well not the wreck part, but lucky in that all your dr. appts are done. I always get a sense of accomplishment and relief after I've been to the dr. :)