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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring has Sprung :)

Hmm lets see, whats been going on here?  Well the weather has finally made a change for the better, we had our community dance last Saturday night and had a really good turn out, and everyone was so cheerful, and the day after I went to a bridal shower, and same thing, so cheerful.  I think everyone was tired of the cold weather and the huge amounts of snow we had this winter.  So glad it finally ended and now the melt is on.  Its been quite warm and our snow is shrinking lots, been riding outside lots and yesterday was a workout for Jess, poor girl, had one of the physically hardest (and mental tough) rides for a long time and all we did was walk.  The snow is about 2 feet deep and its wet with puddles underneath so we sink through every step.  I forget she is not like my other ranch horses that can see the grass sticking through and will take that spot she will not she just goes where she wants to go and sometimes it is through the deep stuff.  I had to help her find a way out a couple times and once she just stopped to rest.  I did feel kinda bad for her but today she is getting the day off and then we are gonna haul a couple times this week to the arena and then I'm hoping its dry enough to ride outside and not be as difficult.
(riding through the cows, they are getting used to me being out there now)

On Wednesday I went out and had a good ride as well, I rode Jess and ponyed Kali, I don't know why id did, Kali has those puppy dog eyes that just make me want to do what she ask, and she asked to go along.  So I took her.  But the snow was still packed then and we rode out to the cows and had a good ride and they both were rather excited so I thought I would trot and use up some energy, nothing new have done that with them lots, but Jess was going fast and I could see Kali loping to keep up, never loped while ponying and then Jess started loping, I almost put a stop to it but she was doing her normal slow arena lope and so I just sat back and enjoyed it, I was even laughing, its so much fun when you finally get to do something that has always been scary and it turns out good :)  Thought I had a video from my phone on that day but I cant seem to get it here only old videos and photos from before Feb 24th show up.

Had a lesson Thursday and brought my friend S with me, shes excited to find a horse and I am excited to have someone to travel with :).  It was just on the flag and it didn't take me near as long to figure out what I was supposed to be doing, I figure that's good as I was a little nervous with someone watching.  We headed out to the tack store cause Kali needed a summer sheet and we found out the clinician that is coming to do their clinic is Paul Hansma at the end of June.  Hmm I am sure it would be a good one, just not sure it would be worth my money to go or just stick with getting more lessons.  Also talked about the Superstakes and so we are looking into travelling down to watch them in April, its kinda late for our winter trip but that's the 5 and 6 year olds, so it should be the best of the best.  Pretty excited...as long as its not too expensive we will go.

Otherwise just started calving around here, up to 2 so far, lots more to go but a good start in good weather.  Oh and we won a 50 inch TV at the dance and since we have one we gave it to Neils Mom and Dad for his Dads birthday.


Country Gal said...

WOOHOO ! The melt is on for us to !! It has been a very long harsh winter for lots . Oh that calf is soo sweet I just love their little faces ! Wonderful video I love the sound of the horse and the saddle as the leather squeaks in the cold ! Thanks for sharing . Come on Spring push through and kick old man winter to the curb ! Have a good week !

CDH said...

It's so nice to ride through the cows and they just watch you go by.
What a sweet baby!
It seems overnight the there is more of a green hue to everything. It looks so pretty.

Shirley said...

I could see Jess's ears working riding through the cows : "Can I work this one? No? How 'bout this one?"
Loping and ponying sounds like fun out there on the prairie where you have lots of room- not so much if you are riding on trails.
Officially spring on Thursday, hope the snow storms are over now.

lisa said...

That calf is a cutie! The snow is melting here also, there for a couple of days, we thought we were going to get 18 inches and lucked out to only 3-4 and it has melted almost except for the snow piles and banks and just a few spots that the snow drifts made the snow deeper. I am so not looking forward to the mud season though!