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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fun Week

Well after the nice warm weather I was enjoying riding outside and then yesterday a storm blew back in :(  Hopefully it will only last a couple more days and back to our regularily spring random weather.  Probly still get more snow but hopefully it wont last.  We never got any this last storm, but sounds like we were the only ones who didn't.

Monday booked a trip to the Superstakes in Texas, going April 8-14th.  Pretty excited, its all the 5 and 6 year olds and should be the best cutters everywhere! Doug's showing down there and so we will see him as well.  I wanna see some non pros too even though when we watch them it makes me feel so behind, but still awesome to see what we can work towards.  Was so cheap, even cheaper than our trip in November, we are staying at the same hotel and so we hopefully wont get too lost this time.  And we have a couple days to tour around there so that will be nice too.  we had planned to go on a run/walk in New Mexico (Santa Fe) but winter was soo cold we were not in shape enough and got busy when it was on.  Maybe another time and Im thinking it will be all muddy here anyways so it will be good to go down where its warmer and watch cutting couldn't be better.

Then Tuesday I rode out and it was much better, a lot drier out there, walked through the cows again and then came back and rode down the rode.  Was so nice out I just wanted to keep riding. I also been working on doing the gate from Jessie's left side and she is super patient now, not sure what happened but I like it.

Wednesday my friend S wanted to ride in Brooks and since our road is dry but the yard muddy so I told her I would meet her at the corner so she didn't have to come in the yard.  Took a bit of extra planning, sat on my cooler and wore her halter under the bridle and took my hornbags with water and camera and some money in and off we went.  I had planned on 20-25 minutes to ride out the 2 miles but just as I got on she texted to say she was there!  Yikes I shoulda known since she hates being late but wasn't expecting that, so we trotted the first half mile and then walked though the gate by the Texas gate and Jess kept thinking we should head back so I asked her for a lope, make it harder for her.  We loped a bit then walked a bit then trotted till she could see the trailer and then she was all excited about going there, lol, silly pony!

I unbridled her and loaded her and off we went.  Was a beautiful day and we had a wonderful ride and stopped for lunch afterwards and then she dropped me off.  Neil said he would clear some snow and so I told her to come in the yard and she got stuck.  The mud wasn't very deep but super slick and the trailer was heavy, so we unloaded Jessie and she got out, lol.  Guess Jess is a little too fat!

As I got to the truck, S said she was pretty impressed I could just saddle my cutting horse, load all my junk on her and ride her 2 miles away to get in a trailer.  Its funny she should say that since I was thinking on the way there about my other horses, Bailey woulda tried to convince me we shouldn't go but a quarter mile out shed be fine, Kali I would probly have to back her all the way out since shes so buddy sour right now, and Razz it woulda probly been a fight the whole way and wed both be sweaty and mad since she hates leaving the yard.  However if I pony Kali off Razz It would be a quick trip, those 2 get along great....guess I have somethings to work on this year with them.

Then snow and wind Thursday so it was a stay inside day and today we had our 3rd calf, late at night in the barn Friday so it will be warm. And another calf Saturday night after I came home from the horse sale.  Was so happy that I didn't see a horse there that i liked more than mine at home.

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Shirley said...

Your Jess just keeps getting better and better!