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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Kali for Sale

Well I did it.  Finally listed Kali for sale.  So far just on Facebook this morning.  And have had a couple people show interest.   If no sale before I come back from Texas I will list her on Northern Horse.  But I have great hopes.  Here is the link to her ad, let me know if I should change anything...specially 4R Ranch as you show lots of sale ads, lol.

Dual Rita aka "Kali" is a super sweet 6 year old mare. She is just a nice horse to be around. She is quiet, gentle, easy to catch, load, trim, pretty much everything. Lots of groundwork done on her, she lunges, ponies just willing whatever you want. Has been ridden since a 3 year old and has some cutting and some reining training. She prefers an arena but has been ridden outside even under the full moon and on poker rallies. She knows her leads, stops, started spins. She would be suitable for a intermediate rider or a beginner with lessons. She is wonderful in the arena with other horses, the more the better. Even rode her with a cart in there the other day and she didn't care. He biggest vice is she loves her buddies and will always head to them if not directed away. She has no buck or rear, she pretty much doesn't know how to be bad, worst she does is stop and not move. Doesn't like water but is getting better. And then her papers, super super breeding being a daughter of Dual Pep and out of a Smart Chicolina mare. I am located in Finnegan, Alberta, and have been riding her regularly all winter. Can haul her to Brooks for try outs in the arena there. Asking $5000 for her.

I'm hoping good things, I need less horses, next comes Bailey and then the broodmares, or maybe the other way around.  Will be nice to get less around here :)


Country Gal said...

Hope she sells to a good home . Um just one thing the add doesn't tell how many hands she is just a suggestion as my sister used to buy and sell horses and always told me that letting others know the size of the horse helps sell them ! Have a good trip , looking forward to photos when ya get back lol !

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Wow! I love that ad. A lot of people only mention the good points, and then when you call and start asking questions, or worse, show up, you find out about the vices, and that wastes everyone's time. I think it's good to mention everything and let the horse hunters decide if they can handle whatever the quirks are that need ironing out.

Cindy D. said...

I saw the ad on FB, and thought, "Hmmm, interested!" (but no money-lol)

The only thing that would make it better would be to ad a video or pics of her being ridden. I know that when I am looking, which is always, that is what I look for. Those pics of her being ridden generally say a lot just by head carriage, and whether or not the rider is having to haul on the horses face.

4RRanch said...

Sorry, but I don't think you will be showing up on my blog with an ad like that, lol. Totally agree about height and pic or video of being ridden. But I'm of the thought to tone down the neg. a little more. Sometimes what we as the trainer/owner might not think is perfect and just need to mention can get blown out of proportion from the buyer's perspective. Great ad and sounds like a wonderful horse. Good luck in finding her a new home.

The Circuitous Cutter said...

Hows the SS going? Funny, Small World, the horse that Doug is showing, her (and her owners haha) were with us for a couple weeks before heading down South! Really nice pony!

Hope that he has a good run, I looked for him on the go but couldn't find him. Have fun in Fort Worth - hope it's warmer for you then it was in December!

Linda said...

I know someone that might be interested......I'll send her the link.