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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Trail Riding Part two

As soon as I got home I had to check out the babies and they almost finished shedding while I was gone! How crazy, I wait forever then go away for a weekend and they finish! Oh and yesterday I rode Dinero in for a while and Charlene was riding Rou and we went outside for my and his first time ever and he was sooo good, except he wanted to eat, but I never let him and he was awesome, even at the trot.

Finally after getting the tires fixed and everything ready to go, we got to take a ride. We went up some steep area into some really pretty trees. It was kinda fun until we almost got lost. The trail wasn't very clear, but Dave found the way out. No harm done, but Charlene was pretty worried for a while. Charlene and Ricky comin through the trees

Shirley's horse wasn't being very good, so she had a horrible ride so we headed back with a new plan for tomorrow. Janice (hiding her head) on Moxie and Dave on Buster

Bailey and Ricky were in the corral for the next night with all Dave and Janice's horses, who were mostly hobbled, but they just stuck together like glue.

The next morning after breakfast, we headed out towards the cabins. Shirley rode Beamer in the camp area and he was much better behaved.

Her and Dave headed out first and a little farther back, Janice and Charlene and me rode out.

Bailey was in heat, but was actually better behaved than she usually is.

There was a pretty meadow so we stopped and posed behind the mountains. Charlene and Ricky

And me and Bailey (with Shirley and Beamer and Tess in the background)

Dave on Indy and Janice on Maddie

When we got to the cabins, we tied up the ponies and had a look around. There were a couple cabins, a shower house, a kitchen all with a beautiful view.

Up the hill a ways was a corral and a really cool barn all filled with hay ready for the outfitters and guides to come up. Dave said they helicopter the hay in

They also had to helicopter the lumber in cause no roads go up there. Charlene had to pose in the barn, we both sure liked it.

The ride back was fun as well, Bailey had chipped a piece of her toe off and was a little sore, so was trying to go through all the trees and stuff. She was pretty careful about where she stepped so that was good, and she knows how wide I am so no knees in the trees, but not how tall I am, so I had to watch what was over my head.

Ricky was so good all during the I trip, think Charlene was a little worried about him, but she was very confident in him afterwards.

This is ending up being longer than I planned, but tomorrow the ride home.


fernvalley01 said...

Looks like fun , beautiful country and beautiful horses!

CCC said...

Pretty up there with those hiding bears : )

Janice said...

I'm glad you had fun, I'm even gladder that most of the pics you have of Mattie and me are far away.

Linda said...

More great pictures.

Shirley said...

Ricky is a gem, I think Charlene didn't have any trouble at all with him. Bailey was a good girl too- Beamer thought she was just fine!I wish we could have had another day to ride.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh! You could have made this post longer and I wouldn't have minded at all. I enjoyed all the photos and reading about the things you experienced while on this trail ride weekend. So fun and so different, too. That barn is cool and very rustic. Is the corral attached to the barn, or do they have to tie up the horses to eat? It looks like it's only a 3 season barn. I bet winters up there are very cold and snowy.

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself and came back with pictures to share, too.