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Monday, August 2, 2010


Over the last three nights I have been going out to see if I can get a decent prairie sunset picture. The biggest factor in a good sunset picture I think I have determined is location. In our yard (the easiest spot to get the picture) there is my round pen, then some carragannas (?) and the power line. I think that's why I never liked the ones from my yard before.

So I rode my bike out in the mosquito's and all down the road 1/2 mile or so to see what was out there and if it was better.

The next night I went out north of our house hopefully to get rid of the road in the pictures.

The one thing I did learn is not take them too close to the truck because the mosquito's are so bad around the vehicle.

This is one of my favorites, I thought I wold get a little lower and get some grass in the picture.

I tried the flash, but it looks like daylight on the grass and sunset in the background, not what I was looking for, but kinda cool.

Neil could see the headlights so he came to see what was going on, so I made him pose in one of the pics:)

Then last night I went west of our house and tried there.

I got a little bigger grass this time and it looks kinda neat.

Then I seen some rocks and thought I might try them.

So I ended up with some kinda cool ones, I would like some with ponies in, but at dark, the mosquito's are so bad that they are hanging around in the corral, so I guess that will have to wait til the bugs go away again.


fernvalley01 said...

Crystal, you got some beautiful shots ,I like them all. The one with the flash and the grass in the foreground is really unique

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Gorgeous photos...I was getting ready to comment on my favorite shots, but you kept adding more...and they were my favorites, too! lol!

But boy howdy! You've got some serious skeeters in your area. I sure don't miss having skeeters. I've yet to see any in the 3 years we've lived up here.


Shirley said...

Told you there are some lovely sunsets just waiting for you! You got some good photos; love the color in the second one, and I like the one with the road because it gives perspective and a focal point. The one with the rocks does too.