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Saturday, April 7, 2012

More Magic

So after 2 days of working with Magic I feel so lost as to what she really knows.  I have left her halter and a long line on her cause she was so hard to catch when I went to get her and I don't like every session to start out with me chasing her around.  All I know now is she leads really well but doesn't want me to touch her.  I don't know if she is just scared or unsure of me or what.

Yesterday I grabbed the line and she was fine until I stuck my arm out, well the arm out is OK she didn't seem bothered by that till I actually touched her.  Which seems weird cause when I am outside the gate she acts all cuddly and wants to get closer.

So to round penning we went.  I prefer using a line cause I find I get faster results.  She really likes to turn away from me and I don't like that and it only took a couple times with a little jerk on the line and she faced in.  I made her go around a few times and every time she stopped and turned in I gave her a rest.  But we couldn't progress farther than that, she wouldn't walk towards me and she wouldn't stand so I could touch her.  I was feeling frustrated and so I quit when she tuned and walked 2 steps in.  I wanted so much more and I know she has it, seems like she just isn't sure she should try.  But I will keep going.  I also notice she really only likes traveling with me on her right side, so I made sure we did lots with her left side to me as well, but she kept trying to change direction even so.  But no direction changes unless I ask and she figured that out pretty quick.

I am not sure to keep doing this and not really getting progress (or it don't feel like it anyways)  or tie her (she ties well)  and touch her all over till she relaxes.  That worked well with Jamaica but I know he was never handled before so nit sure it would work with her.  But I think it might get her used to me touching her in a non forceful way and it should feel nice cause she is really fuzzy.

It makes me kinda mad at trainers cause supposedly she was rode last year and I cant see how that could be cause right now she sure don't act like anyone has done anything with her.  Part of it I think she is still unsure of me and everything being new, but sure hope I see progress soon.  I do wish I had my camera yesterday so I could get a video of her moving, it looks like she will be a nice ride.....someday, sigh.


fernvalley01 said...

weird, seems like if she was worked under saddle she should be more responsive, but that said every trainer is different and there are still those sadly who will rope to catch and manhandle them to get results. hope you find her sweet spot

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Well, that never feels like a very good sign...but some horses don't retain well. I have this little sorrel gelding that forgets the basics every.single.time I give him time off. Anyone else would think he hadn't been handled much at all if they tried to mess with him at first, but a couple of days and he's like...'Oh yea..I remember this.'

Give it a couple of days. ;-)

Shirley said...

I would get her checked out physically to rule out any problems there. If you know a good equine chiropractor that would be a good place to start. Other than that, just take your time- don't think of her as a 4 year old that has supposedly been ridden, treat her as an unbroke horse, and you probably won't get as frustrated.

gtyyup said...

I agree with Shirley...treat as if she hadn't been handled...don't have any expectations and just start training the way you train. It's real possible that the other trainer didn't have the horse come in to them in the round pen...every trainer has different ideas on that.

I think the more you work her with good consistency, she'll start to drop her braces against you. Since you don't know what the other trainer did, just build her confidence in you.

Have faith in yourself too ;~)