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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Miss Magic Hickory (Magic)

Well I have been absent from blogger for a couple days cause I didn't want to spoil what might not have been.  On Saturday I seen an ad for this little horse and for some reason I really liked her.  I knew I didn't need anymore horses (especially projects) but I messaged her anyways and then I thought about it a bit and phoned her later.  We decided Tuesday I would go down to her place and take Bailey and Shasta and we would decide there if we wanted to trade.  I was pretty excited, it was really hard not to say anything, but then she saw the video of Shasta and loved her, so I left Bailey at home and just brought Shasta down.

I got there after a few missed turns, Shasta probly thought we were crazy driving right through the city, but she was good anyways.  We had a hard time catching Magic, even though I was told she is a little hard to catch but never been this bad.  But the wind was blowing and I was a stranger and there were other people working with a colt in another pen.  But we got her and I decided I still wanted her so we made the  deal.  I am glad it was over Shasta though, cause I am not sure I woulda traded Bailey for her, I like Bailey too much :)

Then on the way home I had a flat tire, grr have I mentioned how much I hate tires???  I was only 8 miles from home so I called Neil to come help.  And its a good thing I did cause even though the wheel was right on the ground it kept turning so he brought a bar out to hold it still.  I was just exhausted it was a really long day.

But I got her home and settled in the round pen, she needs a few more lessons on halter breaking and being caught before I put her somewhere bigger.  She is 4 and is supposed to have had time put on her last summer by a trainer but sounds like she kinda just got left, so I guess I will see how far she is and what she knows.  I think she will come around fairly quickly if I am consistent with her.  She hasn't had much done with her since last summer, so I can't blame her for not knowing what to do.  Today she just walked right up to me in the pen and let me pet her, so its coming along.

I know I need to sell some still and she wont be a seller for a while, but it seemed like a better situation for us both.  The girl hasn't had anything to do with unbroke horses and has a little girl so has limited time, and I had no idea what I was gonna do with Shasta either (she jumps and loved her trot, so hopefully I will be able to keep up with how she is doing) so I am hoping it is a better choice in the long run.


Paint Girl said...

Well that's cool that the trade worked out. I am sure in no time you will get Magic going good!

Country Gal said...

Thats something we didnt do with our horse on our farm was trade them , they were with us through thick and thin no matter what . In the horse ranch buisness is a norm to trade and always sell and buy horses even if you cant really work with them ? Just want to understand the ranching of it all its different from the hobby farms ! Have a great Easter weekend !

Crystal said...

Hey Country Gal, Im not sure trading is the norm, but it happens alot if a horse doesnt work out for you for some reason or another. I always thought I would have the same horse forever until i got to competing and she wouldnt cut it and as I am not as athletic as I used to be I want a quieter horse now. My first horse, henry, was awesome, but he hurt my knees to ride so a friend has him now and she loves him :) so as long as it works for everyone I think it is better in the long run.

fernvalley01 said...

sounds exciting ,can't wait for more pics

Shirley said...

I think you probably made a good trade, as this one sure is bred to cut- you might just have a lot of fun with her.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Awww bummer! I liked Shasta. Hope the new owner likes her too.

The new girl is cute though and certainly bred like you like them.

Prairie Ridge Performance Horses said...

If a horse is not working out for you, and someone else can make use of them, I have traded a few horses now, I always try to find them as good a home as possible, and welcome the newcomer in the same way, if it iworks for the horse, then why not??
Good for you, keep us up to date on the new filly!!