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Friday, April 13, 2012

Fridays for Sale

Well I hope this isn't bad luck cause its Friday the 13th, but here is my first Friday for sale.

I am gonna start with  a horse this week.  As much as I don't want to sell any of them, I am slowly coming to the conclusion I can not ride 7 horses (2 of them being very green and one for sure not even started under saddle) and unless I want them to be pasture pets (which they don't seem to enjoy very much) I am gonna have to downsize.
(In the barn, Dec 2007)
I don't know how I ended up with so many horses.  Really.  I know how I got Bailey and she was my main horse for quite a while, so she is probly the most broke of all of them.  I bought her as a weanling the year we got married and she come from one of my neighbors.  But I am noticing last summer as well as this summer (so far only spring) I am not as enthused about riding her.  So she is first on the list.

(Aug 2008, trotting in from pasture)
She is a 8 year old (wow time flies) registered Quarter horse.  She has done pretty well everything (well except maybe jumping)  and she never has refused to try anything  I ask her to do.  She has done tones of ranch work, move cows, sort cows, check cows, I even threw a rope on her once, but since I don't rope all we caught was a friend, lol.
(On a 4 day trail ride, Aug 08)
She has also done a million miles trail riding and goes up and down hill and across water (and will swim if water is deep enough), has been to the mountains and done good up there.  She is very brave and if she trusts you will do anything you ask her to do.  She is the horse who taught me how much trust really means.  I know if we get in a bad situation I can trust her to get us out safely, as has happened a couple years ago when we where crossing a frozenish slough and the ice got to thick to break and was at her chest level.  I let her decide what to do and she just leapt straight up and over to the side and we were back on flat  ground, whew I was sure we were stuck there.
(July 08 in the yard)
I have also done lots of arena riding on her, trotted the barrel pattern (even if I don't know what I'm doing, lol)   She has a lot of energy and is a better horse is someone makes her work hard.  If she is just being left to make all the decisions she finds something to occupy her mind and its usually silly.  She is not spooky and she doesn't buck (anymore)
(Aug 2009)
She is super friendly and prefers to spend her time with people rather than with horses.  So she is super easy to catch and she loves being groomed.  She has never had shoes on, never needed them.  Good for trimming, worming, and she loads herself into the trailer and travels well either in a stock type or a divider type.
(Aug 2009)
I am asking $3500 for her but will be very picky about who buys her cause she is kinda special and kinda quirky and not everyone can deal with her weirdness, which is probly mostly my fault but that's how it is.  I don't have a lot of pictures of me riding which I kinda wish I did.

(Trail Ride in mountains, Aug 2010)
And on another note, Sherry has some awesome yellow colts for sale over at Fern Valley, and Shirley at Ride a Good Horse sold her pretty dun mare but head on over there anyways and have a look at her new baby, hes a cute one!


Shirley said...

Bailey was awesome on the trail ride in the B.C. mountains- she went everywhere you asked her, including the nasty muddy creek crossings that Beamer thought were horse-eating black holes. She was in heat, but it was hardly noticeable (except to Beamer lol!) She crossed rocky swift rivers, and was well behaved on the trails. Whoever gets her will be getting a darn good mare- pretty too!

Nalev said...

She is so sweet!
I fall in love again and again, when I see new pictures of her!
But ... mmhhhh ... I'm from Germany;)

Hope you find a new (perfect) owner for it!


fernvalley01 said...

Thanks for the nod Crystal. And way to start out running! Gorgeous mare , and she sounds like a great one too! Hope the right person comes along for her

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

She sounds almost too perfect too sell.
And sounds like the two of you have built up a pretty good relationship along the way.
I have a feeling you're gonna miss her more than you realize when someone comes along and takes her to her new home.


4RRanch said...

She sounds like a dream. I wish I could get mine sold. Everyone that calls wants a beginner safe horse. Good luck, I'm sure you'll find her a good home.

lisa said...

She is a beaut, I wish I could, because I would be first in line!

lisa said...

Crystal, I shot you an e-mail.

gtyyup said...

Sounds like she won't be hard to sell...great attributes and a nice lookin' mare to boot. Hard to sell the kids huh?

Janice said...

You will miss that one Crystal she was a doll when she was out here in the Mtns...way better than
mine:( But I know what you mean I have too many to ride and something has to go.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Boy, I sure know about too many. Gets to the point where none of them seem as special as they should because there is just too many.

When you have a good horse and aren't using them, it seems like such a waste. Aging out in a pasture isn't all it's made out to be, so good for you for deciding to give your girl the opportunity to make someone else happy. I bet it won't take long for the right home to come along for a nice mare like this.