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Friday, April 27, 2012

Fridays For Sale -- Belle

This is a hard thing for me to do to list this horse.  For some reason I really like her and I cant explain it.  I got her as a 4 year old from a sale and she was started at 2 but not done much since and she was out with the stud but never got bred and I didn't pay much for her.  Thought maybe get a baby out of her and maybe ride her.  But no baby and I went to ride her and she was terrified of everything.  So pretty much she did nothing around her till I called the people I got her from and decided to get her bred by one of their studs.  He was a pretty buckskin and all I wanted was a filly, a buckskin filly would be perfect, but of course got a stud colt that was sorrel.  And I didn't really want to like him but I really did and he was a sweetheart, just as quiet and gentle as possible for a baby.  He ended up going to BC in a trade and she loves him.
(her foal as a yearling)
Other than that I don't ever do much with her but I love her conformation and her head is about perfect.  She is not very tall (about 14.2) and that's perfect for me too.  If I had more knowledge when I got her and no broke horses I probly would have rode her but I didn't have the patience or the skills at the time and mostly was just unsure so she got left.  I am really tempted to take her back up this spring and get her bred back the same way as Jamaica, but I am trying to cut down on horses here right now to a usable amount so I can concentrate on them and showing as well.
(Dec 2011)
She is a little hard to catch cause she is very timid and prefers you on her right side, but in a small corral I can just walk up and get her no problem, no running around, she just stays far enough away.  She is perfect for picking up her feet and getting trimmed, and she loads really easy.  She actually will load herself if the trailer is open, was sure a surprise as I was loading Bailey and turn around and Belle is in the trailer behind me!
(Sept 08)
She is easy to worm and vaccinate and is up to date on all that.  She is a really good mom and will mother other foals as well (no nursing, just care).  She is sorrel with no socks and a white stripe.  She also carries the rabicano gene and so has roaning through her flanks and on her tail.  She is timid in the herd but knows how to take care of herself, she rarely has a bite or scratch on her.
(Sept 09)
Her pedigree is on All breeds as LT Belle San Tivio.   I am asking $1200 for her and can have her bred back if I know before Mid May at the lastest.

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Paint Girl said...

Belle is a very pretty girl. Her colt is adorable!!

Shirley said...

She is really pretty and well built. Nicely bred too.

lisa said...

I have to agree with Shirley, that was the first thing I noticed was how well built she is!

edenhills said...

She is beautiful. Hope you have good luck finding a good home for her.