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Monday, April 30, 2012

Mane Event 2012

On Saturday I headed up to Red Deer for the Mane Event.  But first I had made a deal with a lady on Facebook that we were gonna trade some tack.  She was going to Ponoka and so we decided to meet halfway in between in Lacombe.  I traded her Kali's old blanket for a cooler and a felt pad.  I like trading that way I get what I want and she gets what she wants and we get rid of the stuff we don't want.
(we had to wait for the train to pass before we could meet)
Well then I headed to Red Deer and had a look around the trade fair.  then I found Sherry and bought her new book and got her to sign it for me.  I did not read what she wrote till I got home and she is so awesome :)  Thanks Sherry I will sure try.

I also got a garment bag for my dress shirts from Up In Stitches so they can stay clean while we are traveling.  I wanted a summer canvas sheet from her but she had none in the right size so I guess we will have to use the ones I have.  I also finally found a black belt I really liked from Western Twist Tack.  I looked at it and loved it but it was way way too big so I left and then came back cause I really wanted it,  but picked a different one that was nice and fit.  And I went to pay and she says she can make them smaller if its too big.  So I asks about the other one and since there was lots of plain belt at the buckle end she made it fit me!  I love it and best of all it was not even ridiculous priced :)

So I didn't buy a lot but I am got stuff I really wanted.  I always forget its so general horsey and not very event/competition based so there is so much there I am not interested in.  I did talk to the Adaquan lady and found out more about it and it actually sounds like a good product.  She was saying it acts like the fluid in the joints and it wears out instead of the joint fluid wearing out.  And it last about 6 months so if only competing for half a year only need it once a year or can do it twice a year if needed.  And what I liked best of all is if you use it, at any time you can quit using it without any problems, no need to keep using it forever.  Might be something to look into.


Country Gal said...

I do like that belt looks great ! Awesome photo of the train. Sherry's book looks great as well lots of good poems to read I bet ! Have a good day !

Shirley said...

That's a lot of restraint in shopping for you! Nice blingy belt. And I agree with you about Sherry- she is awesome.

fernvalley01 said...
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fernvalley01 said...

Thanks Crystal! It was so nice to visit with you , and glad you were able to stay and hang out with us for suppr. Next time I am definitely having what you had! mine was great but those potatoes!!!! I actually didn't shop too much either, but that was mostly because my feet were so sore!lol

lisa said...

Sounds like you had a great visit with Sherry! Nice belt! The thing I want is a good cowboy hat, around here it is hard to find one you can try and have it fit. Not a whole lot of western people around. I don't want to get one in a magazine because who know if it will fit right and of course I really don't want to pay alot of money either.

Linda said...

I so much wanted to go this year:( Stupid snow!

cdncowgirl said...

I really REALLY wanted to go this year but it just wasn't in the budget. Even if I didn't shop there was still fuel and a hotel room. (the girls I had been planning to go with all ended up having to cancel due to "life" intervening)
I was really looking forward to meeting Sherry, and hopefully you. I still plan on buying her book but it would have been awesome to get a signed copy :)

Love all your buys by the way!