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Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Plans

So its been a while since I been here so a quick recap on whats been going on since Friday.  The farrier was coming down to get Jessie front shoes and trim Dude so I had to get up early and head over there.  After we were done I went for coffee with a couple friends and then headed back to barn and had a ride on Jessie even though the arena was pretty rough, she had gone over it with the big tractor but not the harrows so it had pretty deep grooves and its hard to ride in.  Then I headed to my Moms house for her monthly scrap booking.  I finally headed home about midnight, it was a long day.

Then Saturday I tried to sleep in but didn't work well and I was kinda exhausted but we had made plans to ride at Susan's and so I headed out and on the way I had a flat tire (again)  but I wasn't surprised cause I had noticed the last couple days it was kinda weird looking so I made sure I had a spare.  After that minor mishap we headed out for a really nice ride that was about 3 hours.  And we had lunch/supper and then headed home.

Sunday we decided to ride a little earlier cause it was 25 out and we thought we didn't want to ride while it was so hot and we went out for a shorter ride, only about 2 hours.  Sure is nice to be able to go out for such a long ride.  I tend to ride without my stirrups when we ride so long but I noticed it sure makes my butt sore in a different spot than I usually have.

Finally had a early night and had time to work with Magic this morning.  I was pretty impressed, its been a week or so since I did much with her and she met me at the gate and I brushed her all over, she is still kinda iffy on her butt being touched but not so much that she wants to leave.  Maybe tomorrow I will try something more, we will see, I am in no hurry I will take stuff slow.

After lunch I headed down to see Jessie and it was so hot I decided not to ride and just give her a bath.  The water was so cold she didn't like it.  I think if I rode her and she was kinda warm it probly would have been a little better, but now she is clean but I don't know if it will last cause she has no blanket on now.

She sure didn't mind the grass afterwards.  I got a short video of her eating it, she was so intent on eating as much as she could get in.


Shirley said...

Jessie sure is a nice mare.
I like the photo of the sky-lined riders. Nice weather for just getting out and riding!

Linda said...

Sounds like fun. I can't ride without my stirrups....THAT would make my butt hurt;)