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Monday, April 9, 2012


Well today we had a breakthrough.....well a little one but that's OK.  I shoulda gone out in the morning but I was putting it off because I thought it was gonna be forever and I wasn't looking forward to being frustrated again.  I had already decided to treat her like she has never been handled and so that was OK.  And even though it was frustrating before I am more stubborn than she is I think so there was always a little improvement before I leave even if it was forever.  And I got the trainers number so I may call him tonight and see what has been done and stuff.

Anyways I walked into the pen talking to her like I always do, but I seen a giant tumbleweed in the middle so I walked past her and grabbed it and threw it out the gate or I woulda probly tripped on it.  Well I guess that was scary cause she kept snorting at it, but I been ignoring her snorting cause she does it every day at the hose in the water trough, lol.

Well I turned around to face her and she took off at a trot around in circles.  I don't care if she never comes to me, that isn't a big deal, but I don't want her taking off every time I face her either.  So I kept the rope a little shorter today (about 6 feet away from me) and she just trots around with her brain in never never land, not in a panic but just going.  So I decided we were not winning and pulled her in to face me.  She thought I wanted her to go the other way and so as soon as she made a couple steps I pulled her to face me again.  She doesn't really pull on the rope so its not to hard to pull her around.  A couple more times of this and she just stood there facing me.  I let her rest for a minute so she knew that's what I wanted and I started walking towards her (I was only about 3 steps away) and she had her neck tense and head up but didn't move.  I stopped before I touched her, right in front of her (probly not the safest spot now I think about it)  and she lowed her nose to smell me.  I just waited and talked to her more.  And then I scratched her neck and she was tense but I kept going then I took the brush that was in my pocket and started brushing her neck and shoulder.  At one point she even leaned into it (and quickly away as if she remembered she wasn't supposed to like it, lol)  and so I called her a good girl and left.

I am happy with that, may have to build more on that later, I probly coulda done more today, but that is the first time she relaxed and let me scratch her without trying to get away, so I figured I better quit.  Now I wish I had done it in the morning so I coulda gone in again in the afternoon and seen again but there is always tomorrow.  And I am going riding Jessie so that will just make it a good day all around :)


Shirley said...

She'll figure out that she likes you soon I hope! It will be interesting to see what the trainer has to say.

Country Gal said...

Sound like quite the horse whisperer ! She will get used to you in time , the good thing is she is curiouse about you and not ignoring you means she wants to get to know you ! A good day then for you I"m happy to hear ! Have a good evening !

fernvalley01 said...

those kinds of baby steps are likely just what will work, pressure and release , they need to really sense the difference and feel the release . Sounds good to me