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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Catching Up

The last few days have been kinda busy around here, but I think I am caught up again for a day or so.  Friday we headed over to Strathmore to go to K and K livestock for some basic supplies, I bought a cinch and latigo and then I ended up with a really pretty carry on bag with another matching bag.  I had no intention of buying it but I love it, so pretty :)  We also went to Lammle's and I got a pair of Aura jeans, I love them they are sooo comfy.

Saturday it was cold and kinda rainy but we went riding anyways, we rode indoors and it was fun.  The barn was really busy which was surprising cause it was cold out.  We rode for quite a while and it was a lot of fun.  I was planning on going to the show this weekend so I figured I better ride lots.

Sunday was Neil's birthday so we had his parents and sister come out and had dinner and cake and presents.  It was good, even if I wasn't looking forward to a day of missing riding.  But the weather was really cold and we actually had a little snow on the ground, brrr.
(mm chocolate cake with chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles)
Then yesterday my farrier come out and trimmed 6 horses, Bailey, Belle, Disco, George, Kali, and Razz.  I went out early in and Magic was good, but I don't think she or I was ready for her to get trimmed yet.  So I caught the pasture horses (George, Bailey and Kali) I have to take them one at a time cause its a wire gate that is really wide and I cant control it with too many horses.  If I could catch George first I can lead Bailey and Kali together but otherwise Kals leads awful with other horses.  And George doesn't like to be caught so I usually leave him last and then he wants to go cause his friends are all gone.  He was good and I tied them up by the chute.  

Then the others, I had them in the corral and caught Disco, then Razz, then Jazz.  I was a little worried Jazz was not gonna let me put the halter on her, but she was really good and led across the corral well and I tied her near Razz then caught Belle and put her on the other side of Jazz.  I was way early cause everyone was so good.  It was only about 8:30 and Jason was not coming till 10, but he is usually a little early so I was planning on being ready by 9 anyways cause they are usually a little better after standing tied for a while anyways.

Since I had so much time, I grabbed a flower shedder and went out and brushed them all.  That took a while and most are shedding quite good, except Bailey is not started shedding at all.  Disco and Belle are almost all shed out and the others are shedding like crazy.  I love brushing Kali cause she loves it soo much and makes it so obvious.   Even Jazz was really good, she also loves brushing and I love to brush her.

I was tired and thirsty so I left them out there and went in for a drink and Jason showed up right on time and we did Kals first and after that I decided I better untie Jazz cause she had gotten her rope really long and has never tried pulling back and I don't want her to.  She was really good to stand for that long and wasn't getting done anyways, so it was good.  After I untied her she stood at the fence for along time like she was still tied, it was funny.  I never got a pic of it, but her butt is the same height as Razz's right now, but her withers not as tall yet, I am thinking she is gonna grow taller than Razz.
(I got Neil to hold his horse so I could go to the bathroom and quickly snapped a pic,
 even getting the UFA guy in it)
Everyone got done and the UFA truck came and delivered fuel, then I put everyone back and went to have lunch then hooked up my trailer and went riding.  I was already tired but figured I still needed to ride.  Although after riding I decided not to enter the show cause I am too busy and Jessie is out of shape and I haven't practiced in a long time, so if its nice out we will ride out.  Jessie also needs her feet done and I am gonna put front shoes on her and that is probly gonna happen Friday if all goes well.


Country Gal said...

Happy belated Birthday to Neil ! You have been busy love the bags they are cute ! Glad to hear all the trimming went well ! Have a good day !

Cheyenne said...

I have bag envy! So cute and not over the top flashy.

Happy Birthday to your husband-nothing finer than a good old fashioned chocolate cake...mmmm...

Shirley said...

Belated happy birthday to your husband- sounds like it was a good day to stay in.
Getting that many horses done makes a long day of standing around, but it's nice that it all went so well.
Here's to good riding weather!

Paint Girl said...

Busy, busy day! I couldn't imagine having that many horses for the shoer. I always thought having to get my 3 out and ready was a lot!