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Sunday, May 29, 2011


Well again I missed Sunday Stills, although I did have pictures of weeds, I may just have to erase them like there is no evidence. 

I rode Razz on the flag yesterday and she was sooo good.  She was so calm riding around and just doing what I was asking her and she tried really hard on the flag.  I even let go of the reins to see where she is at, and she turns with the flag (and stops with it), but she turns lazy, not enough shoulder movement if I don't help her.  I like that we try to let her do it every once in a while just to see where they are at.

This morning we headed out to East Coulee for thier once monthly Pancake Breakfast.  It is the best breakfast around!  Then on the way home we stopped at the neighbors to visit and he was just havin breakfast and asked if we wanted to join, we laughed and he says oh you just come from East Coulee right?  Of course we didn't want any more breakfast!

Then this afternoon I went and rode Razz, we rode inside for a while and decided it was too nice out to do that, so we went outside and wandered through the summerfallow fields.  It is nice to ride out there cause if you stay away from the water, there is no mosquitos.

We have been doing lots of yard work around here, just to catch up and make it look decent for branding.  Neil had been mowing with the big mower and rototiller, I have been killing weeds and working on the lawn and planting flowers.  I still have to trim some trees and rototill and plant the garden, but that will get done eventually (maybe tomorrow).

I also caught Jamaica the other day and he was soo good, he just let me walk right up to him, kinda walked back a little bit when I went to touch him, but pretty slow.  So happy with that.  And Jazz has a real name now, Strait Summer Jazz.  I have also been working with her, tying her up, picking up her feet and lots of brushing her.  She is gonna get her feet trimmed on Tuesday then probly come home and live in the pasture till I know what is going on with her.

I emailed the buyer back on Friday, asking why the change of heart and that since the EVH-1 is in both Alberta and BC and there has been no new outbreaks and the provincial vets were saying if nothing new by June 1, things will be back to normal and no chance on transfering it anymore.  I also sent the links to that but as of yet have not got a response.


lisa said...

Sounds like you are having good luck with the horses! I have been missing Sunday Stills also, so don't feel bad!

Shirley said...

You have been busy, but I bet your yard looks great. Razz sounds like she is going to be showable this year in the ranch cutting. Good work!

Linda said...

Ya gotta love those weed inspectors on branding day....I'm doing the yard work for that today too;)

fernvalley01 said...

sounds like busy times, I like the name for Jazz

5 Starr's Farm said...

I missed Sunday Stills this week too.....you've been busy, bet it looks good around there.......Our local fair this week canceled all the horse event because of the EVH-1, better safe then sorry...