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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dinero and Jamaica

Well my two ponies for sale. I have had lots of inquiries on more pictures of the two and many people have refered them to my blog for pictures, so I thought I would post a few new ones taken this morning.  For those not familiar wih a blog, if you click on the names in the bottom beside labels, it will bring up all the posts with that label.  Kinda handy when looking for something specific.

Anyways first Dinero, he is a palomino paint.  3 years old and started and really gentle.  he can be left in the field and easy to catch and anytime you ride him he is the same as ever.  Even if it has been a long time.  He had 4 months riding last year, little arena work but mostly trail rides.  Alone and with others he is good.  Of course a little unsure when alone, but does what he is asked anyways.

Then Jamaica, he is out of my Belle mare.  He was born last year on May 23, and he will not be very tall, but he is solid.  He has been handled a few times and is okay with it.  He is pretty quiet and willing to work with you.

These two boys are pretty nice, but I just have too many.  It gets complicated around here where to put everyone and who to ride.  I didnt realize four horses is way more than I want to ride on a regular day.  I think two is enough, actually some days one is more than enough.
Oh and dont forget to continue to guess for the foaling contest, it will keep going till we get a baby here.  I was a little concerned yesterday when the mares never came up for grain, but nothing they were just eating.  I think they just thought I needed the excersize.


fernvalley01 said...

They are both nice looking horses , too bad you can't keep Dinero he seems to be a sweetie, but time does get away if you have too many to ride

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Dinero is a cutie.

I'll guess again since she hasn't delivered her baby yet:

May 27 Bay Roan Filly