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Monday, May 23, 2011


So I have been thinking lots lately about all my ponies.  I know I have to many and have been trying to get down to a reasonable amount.  So I know some are for sale and some will never be, at least not as far as I can see.  I really like Razz, she will stay, as will Kali.  So far Disco will stay, and her baby (if it ever gets here!) will probly stay unless it turns into a giant since I just read most of Chips foals are getting over 16 hands!  Of course I will have to see this baby if it ever decides to be born!  She sure fooled me, I sure thought she woulda had it by the 15th.

I really like Jamaica and I will have no problem if he stays, I have liked him since he was born almost, even though I wanted a  filly.  Especially since I have started him on halter breaking, hes not overly friendly, but he still does what I ask with little argument.  Even though he is not overly sure I should actually touch him yet, he still leads fairly well.

Bailey...I have thought lots about her, I am picky about where I ride her cause even though she is very well broke and she trusts me amazingly (so much so it scares me sometimes!) she is unpredictable.  Not to the point she will try to buck me off and leave or anything, but she reacts first then thinks about it.  It takes so much energy and focus to ride her.  If I had known how much work she would be when I got her, I'm not sure she woulda lasted this long.  Innocence really is bliss I guess.  I just didn't know what I was getting into.  Not sure anyone else would put up with her weirdness so will be a pretty hard sell.

Ummm and Dinero, well I really would like to like him so much, but he irritates me and I just don't want to do anything with him.  It took me a long time to admit it because he is so sweet and easy.  And I researched him out and I picked him from a lot of other horses.  I felt so bad about not wanting him but I have talked to others and find they have horses they don't really like for one reason or another and it's normal I guess.  I think the reason I don't want him around all the time is he is pesty.  He bothers the other horses and he can't just stand beside someone (human or horse) without them paying attention to him.  That is great if you have all day to spend with one horse, but thats not how I like my ponies.  Bailey was kinda like that for a while and it took me two years to get her over it and now she will stand nice by me for however long.  But it took  a long time to do that, and I had all day to spend with her.

Belle I think she has to go as well.  Even though I really like her and I really like her baby, I don't have a stallion and am not really in the business of raising colts, and I don't ride her so I can see no logical reason to keep her.  If I ever decide I want to have more foals, I have three other mares I like that I could raise a foal out of.  And while not having a baby I can use them.  I also never bred her this year, so that will be another year she will just be hanging around doing nothing.  If she was super friendly I might keep her, but she is kinda hard to catch and so I don't really want her around my other horses or babies to teach them that they first can run away before getting caught.  But again a hard sell being an open broodmare.

Then Neils horse, George, will stay cause he needs a horse a few times a year to ride and Jazz has been sold and Fly...Well he may have a new home here in the next week or so cause I am giving him away cause I don't want him and I never really did.  And since I thought he was sold and apperently he isn't cause they can't afford him and didn't bother to tell me until I asked this spring, after I had turned many people away because I thought he was sold.  I think I have a natural horseman who wants to have a project to play games with, so if he wants him he will have him.


Shirley said...

Well, you seem to have thought it through; it's always a little tough trying to sell horses so I hope you can find good homes. You shouldn't have any trouble selling Dinero and Fly, but mares are usually harder to sell. Bailey was so good on our mountain ride last year, she'll go anywhere; she'd make a nice horse for some fearless teenager who lives and breathes horses; you know the type.
I'd like to put in another guess on the foaling contest; May26, bay or bay roan filly.

Linda said...

Sounds like you know what you want. I know what I'd LIKE but haven't come close lately to finding him;)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like way too many horses to organize, train and work with. Sounds like you've got a good plan to sell a few so you don't get too overwhelmed.