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Thursday, May 26, 2011


Well apparently I am crazy or I just don't listen well.  Either one I don't really want.  But.... it looks like Disco is not late, she was only bred starting June 27 last year.  No wonder she hasn't foaled yet!  So I guess I started the contest too soon, but since its started, I will keep it going.  I thought she would have been out June first cause that's when Razz was when she was up there, but I guess different stud and not a maiden mare.  I don't know what I was thinking but that's what I know now.

And there are some days I just want to get out of ponies all together.  Just a month or so a go one of the boarders at Jardis came and loaded her horses up with one days notice and took them somewhere else.  We were all surprised at that because she has been there 8 years.  She claimed her horses were skinny and not getting enough feed.  Well they were thin, but so were most horses this spring.  She told the animal cruelty officer Jardi was starving her horses and he talked to another boarder and told her to get her horses out of there and this lady (bless her!)  told him he was crazy and her foal was right beside them and she is fine as well as the other 3 horses she has there.  We figured he should not have been telling anyone without checking anything out and just going on gossip.  Not sure how this is going to end, but I can't believe someone would do that. 

And the lady I sold Jazz to emailed me and told me she is cancelling the sale, she said she called the bank and cancelled the check because her trainer told her she shouldn't be bringing in horses from other provinces right now.  We talked on the phone on Friday and we agreed I would keep Jazz at home for a while till things settle down and it is okay to move horses.  I don't know what the sudden change of mind is, but it irritates me.  First off all she didn't even have the courtesy to phone and talk about it, and second it has been over three weeks since we agreed she was sold.  As far as I can figure out, that means the horse is hers, whether or not she wants her now.  And I had already cashed the check, so I'm not sure how that will work.

And blogger is irritating me to, seems it wont let me comment on some blogs, Fern Valley, congrats on the book and I would like a signed one if I could.  It looks sooo good and so cool to have a book published :)  And 5 Starr's Farm, the hawk nest looks so cool glad your hawks got it back, we got one out by our corner that the hawks and geese fight over every year and sometimes there is a lot of feathers left over.  This year looks like the hawks are in it too.  Don't know why just those two (so far) won't let me comment, just keeps putting me as anonymous, then when I hit publish it makes me sign in and over and over again, grrr.


Shirley said...

That really sucks about the boarders at Jardi's. Perhaps the reason the ladies horses were thin had to do with something other than the amount of feed they were getting, like teeth or worms. Especially when the other horses were fine. As far as Jazz goes, it might be in your and Jazz's best interest to give the lady her money back and rip up the bill of sale; people like that aren't worth dealing with.
Hang in there girl, it'll get better!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I'm with Shirley...People who do things like the buyer did usually end up being bad-mouthing POSs. Of course, you already cashed the check and if it cleared she's SOL. By all rights, she is going to have to work something out with you and that could include giving you a percentage of the sale price for the inconvenience.

Kinda goes hand in hand with what the boarder did to Jardis. Communication seems to be a lost art these days and thanks to the 'turn them in' fugly-mentality...people really don't think they have to attempt to find out what is really going on. But after EIGHT years? Really? That is just bizarre.

Don't feel bad about the breeding dates-LOL. I just the same discussion with my mom. I asked her if either of the mares were getting close and she said we wouldn't be expecting any babies until July this year. Ummm NO. The stud went out June 22nd, so as of this week they need to be kept a close eye on.

Country Gal said...
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Country Gal said...

What a pain in the ass ! for you ! Yes blogger is acting up again not only with comments but again my followers have gone once again from my side bar GRRR ! Try to have a good day !

fernvalley01 said...

I agree with Shirley and BEC ,I don't like the sounds of that buyer, Jazz is safer not going . The boarder that packed it up and left all of a sudden??? and called AC sounds like she got a wild hair up her behind about something , but the investigator needs to shake his head too!
Blogger has been giving us all greif , I had to sign out altogether and sign back in a few times to make it work. I changed my comment window to a pop up ,hoping that will help . Absolutely you can get a signed copy of my book thanks so much for the support ! I will probably hand deliver it too!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Sounds like there's a lot of negative vibes in the air right now. Too bad about the Jazz sale. I think it's your money now unless you want to cut a deal and give some back. You have a right to a percentage at least.

Hope things settle down soon.