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Sunday, May 15, 2011


This week I opted out of Sunday Stills, cause it is similar to one I did last year about getting low and looking high and I have lots more to say.

To start off with Disco has dapples!
Oh and she hasn't foaled yet, although she is uncomfortable and I'm sure she is hoping it will be soon as I am.
So the foaling contest is still on, and it looks like Mini Beginnings, and Janice and Brown Eyed Cowgirls need a new guess if you want, since yours have passed.  Well almost for BEC, but...

And we had a visitor for a few days here. Sandy came so Jardi's Dad could come ride with us on Thursday to move cows.

And we had visitors of another kind on Wednesday, although luckily they didn't stop here, just flew overhead.  Not sure why the army was flying over Finnegan, but there were 4 helichopters I saw.
And Neil has been fencing and last week his post pounder broke, so he was putting it back together and it looked really complicated what he was doing.
Oh and we have picked a branding date of June 6. We wanted the weekend, but since we need help and its a rodeo weekend, lots of our neighbors want to go to the rodeo to compete or work or just watch.  So it's a Monday, so if anyone wants to let me know what days they want to come for a blogger ride, we will try to accommodate you guys.  Its gonna be so fun :)



lisa said...

Sounds like a busy week! I wish I lived closer I would love to come for the ride!

5 Starr's Farm said...

I feel for Disco! I'm with Lisa, if I were close I'd come ride with you. I'd come help with branding too.....LOL

Rising Rainbow said...

Disco looks uncomfortable. I feel for her. As much as I miss having a baby this year, I am not missing the sleepless nights of foal watch.

Shirley said...

Disco has that sideways baby thing goin' on! The way things are going, I might not be able to come on the blogger ride, not with gas at $1.30 a litre (For those of you across the line, that's well over $5 a gallon!). If things change in the next couple of weeks I'll let you know.

Paint Girl said...

Disco does look uncomfortable! Hopefully baby will come soon!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

We've had lots of military aircraft flying overhead. Of course, we're on the flight path of the air force base....but it's still been more activity than usual.

Come on Disco, you've got until midnight tonight to bring that gorgeous bay roan filly into the world! Don't let me down, oh lovely dappled mama mare!


Janice said...

You sure keep busy.I don't know what your mare was bred to but I'm going to guess May 22 Bay colt.I really want to come ride with you guys but it's really hard to get away from here at this time of year, maybe I can find someone and Shirley and I could put something together.....fingers crossed.