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Friday, May 6, 2011


Its been another busy week here, but some good news. Jazz has been sold, she is going to BC to live with some nice people that are into reining and western pleasure. They are pretty excited about her, but since it is such a long trip, they aren't coming for a couple weeks. That should give me some time to get her halter broke and used to going on and off a trailer.

I have been planning to ride Razz and pony Kali while riding out then on the way home switch and ride Kali on the way home. So last night the weather got nice, so I went and got them, but since I was unsure about how they would be, I just saddled up Razz and took Kali's lead rope and out we headed. First of all Kali didn't know what I was wanting, but it didn't take long for her to realize if she stays up by me, I am not pulling on her rope. She kept wanting to stop and eat, but since Razz walks so fast, she didn't have a chance. I was a little worried what would happen if I had to let go of the lead rope and lo and behold it happened. Kali got in front of me and her rope got around my stirrup, so I just let go rather than get all tangled and in a wreck, and she just stopped and started grazing. That was exactly what I was hoping for, except she didn't want to follow even when I left, and she is too short for me to grab the rope while on Razz, so I had to get off and get a hold of her again. I understand now why you want a really broke horse to pony cause its a lot of work. Kali trotted a few times to catch up and this was hard for Razz cause I still expected her to walk, and she finally remembered she's not allowed to change gait unless I ask. I was very pleased with how it went and hopefully will get easier every time.

MiKeal, I don't know if either Disco or Chip carry the red gene, I do know Disco's mom was a chestnut, so she could. And Chip doesn't look like it for a ways back.  Oh and Shirley that is Fly and he is a charecter, and sooo big!  I can only imagine how giant he will be when someone rides him, and I hope he keeps all that athleticism.


Shirley said...

Kali sounds like a nice mare. I really want to pony Chickory, but I hesitate to pony from Gussie util I'm more satisfied with her performance. Maybe in an arena would be a good place for me to start, just in case.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I am very spoiled, my 4 riding horses pony very well-both ends. It's so nice when I am short of time (or don't feel like riding everyone individually) to be able to double up. I can just hit the field and lope along. Now I just need to get the other few around here doing that.

Rising Rainbow said...

Congratulations on selling Jazz. That's pretty quick. Didn't you just get that horse listed in April?

I think it takes a few times to get a horse ponying very consistently. I haven't done any of mine in a while but am thinking I may need to go that direction soon.

If Disco has a chestnut parent then she definitely carries a chestnut gene. Since it is recesssive it takes two to get a chestnut horse.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Congrats on the sale.

I pony my horses together occasionally. I find it settles them more when there's the two of them, especially when they're stablemates.