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Friday, May 28, 2010

Rain, rain and more rain

Well so far we have gotten about 1 and 1/10 of rain. So its kinda soggy out here. According to the weather man its supposed to keep raining today and then snow in the morning tomorrow. Yikes I hope we don't get snow, I'm okay with rain, even if its cold out, but not snow, not now we get enough all winter, why do we need it in summer too?

Red (Belles foal for now) standing on the grain wondering why she pays more attention to it then to him

Then after getting out of the way, peeking around Moms butt

Its a good day for breakfast

And Bailey and George in the water logged bull pasture cause we didn't want to walk in the rain and turn them out.


CCC said...

I love the rain and the green it causes. Also I was running out of underwear so now I have time to wash.

Shirley said...

Hope the snow doesn't happen. Had some friends near Black Diamond whining the other day about the snow.