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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Its a Miracle!!!

First off, Happy Mothers Day to my mom and all other moms out there! Pretty important day for moms to finally be recognized for all their hard work.

Oh and some kind of miracle transformation happened over night! (little bit sarcastic there!) I went out to feed the mares and Fly was peeing....and she has turned into a he! I was pretty sure I had checked, but I guess I should do the lift the tail check, not the look underneath check. oops. Oh well I still think HE is cute!


fernvalley01 said...

LOL! Its like you have a brand new baby! He she whatever, healthy and gorgeous is still true

Shirley said...

LMAO!That means you have to send Linda the prize, didn't she say colt? I always lift the tail. you can't tel otherwise. When Kai was born, his **ahem** was all tucked up tight, he didn't drop till he was almost a week old.

Crystal said...

ya, I heard its hard to tell, so I thought I looked pretty good, but apperently not, cause its deffinitly a boy.

CCC said...

Yaaaah! I knew it and it will be roan too, just wait. How are you going to tell Neil no now?