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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Foals and Puppies and all things cute!

Its been kinda a busy weekend, which seems rare, cause usually we are just home and weekends are boring compared to the weekdays, cause there's nothing to do.

On Saturday we went to Neil's Nieces graduation. It was a nice do and am still kinda surprised there were 35 grads in Duchess. That's one of the biggest classes they have had and pretty good for a small town.

On Sunday we went to my Mom's house for Mothers Day and it was a good times, my siter and family, my Grandpa, aunts and uncles, and my Mom's husbands mom was there as well.

Monday not much happened, we were too tired and it was cold again. But I did get 3 trays of seeds planted. Little bit late, but still before I can plant ouside yet.

Yesterday I had to be at the dodge dealer at 8 to get my truck worked on. We finally get the truck paid off and all kinds of work need to get done, coincidence? Not sure, but they changed the tires, tie rod ends, ball joints, new hoses for the transmission, and a new light for the licence plate and new brakes. I need new shock absorbers, but they have to order them in yet. So I kindly asked for a courtesy car and got one, and so I had breakfast with Jardi and then went shopping a bit, then went out riding (on Dot!) and stuck around till the dealer called at 5. Whew long day again. I still had to stop and get a few more groceries and get some pictures printed, so I never got home till about 8 pm. I was pretty tired, but it was worth it, I got so much done and so many cute pictures! Dot

At the barn there was a mare that just foaled on Saturday, so I had a look at her and she is so tiny! she makes Fly look huge. Here she is (Mist, so far)

Here's her sucking mom. Pretty fine, but cutting bred, so thats pretty normal.

same pose as Mist, but a little closer, He looks so huge now.

Oh and I also got new pics of some of the puppies, they are weaned and so cute and they just play play play then sleep, then more play. They are so cute, but kinda hard to take pictures of cause they are always in your face.
This is Chevette (black female) and Rascal (Rascal(red male) is sold)

This one is balck nameless)

This is red nameless female and black nameless)

(and this is Pirate (red female)

and more Pirate

And they looked so sad after we left the stall. (spot (black male-sold), red nameless, two more black nameless, and Pirate again)

They are so much fun to play with and cuddle, there sure are different personalities coming out now for sure.


fernvalley01 said...

Cool! BAby pics! Isn't that just the way , you fianlly get a vehivle paid for and boom! repairs galore

Shirley said...

Are the two red females sold?