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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I seen something on Belle I never knew she had before. Weird how after 4 years I finally noticed. I was looking at her cause for the last couple days shes been uncomfortable and lifting her tail alot, so I got a closer look this morning and she has roaning between her back legs! It looks really ugly, but I shouldn't be surprised, because she does have roaning on her flanks and tail, but it was still unexpected.

I was also laughing at Bailey and George again today. She has been wandering around calling the girls, and they ignore her, but George just follows her wherever she goes. And this morning I wanted to get a good look at her and make sure she didn't do anything silly, and she was fine, and George is still following her like a puppy, only stopping to eat when she does. I guess they re getting along alright.

And Fly has 4 white socks, but I haven't gotten a good picture of them yet until this morning, and I love the whole picture.

I never did get my garden rototilled today, but I did the laundry and all my new clothes and got the seeds out in the greenhouse finally, hoping it doesn't freeze anytime soon, and sorted out all my summer clothes and put the winter ones away, and made a garbage bag of clothes to give away. So glad of that, because I have too many clothes and some I never even wear, so I might as well get rid of them.

I also watered the trees I planted last fall, and was glad to see new buds

I also see we have two trees that are dead on top, we will have to get rid of them, prolly only one this summer, and one next cause Neil doesn't think we should cut any down.

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Shirley said...

That roaning on the flanks and tail is a color pattern called Rabicano. Beamer's dam was a black rabicano, and he has silver hair in his tail and a silver patch on his lip. Fly looks like a really sturdy fellow,nice shot of him.