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Saturday, May 8, 2010

More Contests

Okay so now that Gypsy has finally foaled, I will put up the other two girls.

First Belle. She was pasture bred from June 3- July 11. Although he thinks she was in heat around the 15th. She is bred to a buckskin son of Chuck Manness Ill Smoke Ya. (I'm kinda embarrassed to say I cant remember his name, so Joe will do)

She really has no bag to speak of yet, but she is a maiden mare.

Her prize will be a horseshoe keepsake gift box.

And Razz. She was bred when I got her as well, but they said she is due the first weeks of June. She also is a maiden mare, but she has small bag.

She is bred to a black overo paint horse named Strait Cut. He is from Anchor Y Paint and Quarter horses. Pretty nice looking horse, cant wait for this one!

Her prize is a western candle holder.

And we cant forget about Fly, she learned how to run!


Shirley said...

For Belle, I guess sorrel filly, June 11. For Razz, I guess brown Tobiano colt, June 17
Fly is going to look pretty sharp when she sheds out, with those 3 socks! Love the name too.

fernvalley01 said...

Belle, I am guessing Canada Day, sorrel filly
Razz June 16 bay (no clue on pattern) colt. And Fly looks terrific

prairierunner said...

For Belle I'll go with June 18 and a sorrel colt and a brown Tobiano Filly for Razz on the 21st.