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Monday, May 24, 2010

More Pictures

Well I got a few more pictures of the babies, and they are so adorable! Fly sure wants to play with his new "friends" but their mommies wont let them.

When my mom and Clint come out, we walked out there and Gypsy come over to us, I thought that was kinda odd, but of course she was begging for treats. We never had any, but Clint had a mint from Boston Pizza so we gave it to her and she made a funny face while eating it, but she wanted more, so it couldn't be that bad.

The weirdest thing was Razz didn't want me or them to have anything to do with her. As soon as we got within 50 feet of her, she took off for the corals. But Belle who doesn't like strangers usually just stood there while we took a bunch of pictures, never bothered her. Totally thought it would be the other way around. However this morning when I went alone, she walked right up to me, kind of like apologizing. It was cute.

Belle is also a little uncomfortable when her baby sucks, she keeps lifting her foot like to kick, but she doesn't, she just swishes her tail. I feel kinda bad for her.

I sure wont have a hard time telling them apart, bay mare has bay foal, black mare with black foal, and sorrel mare with sorrel foal, guess they take after their mothers. I think I am gonna call Razz's foal Strait Summer Jazz, aka Jazz.

And we cant forget about Fly, who looks so big compared to the new ones!


Shirley said...

Do Belle's foal and Fly have the same sire? They are all really nice babies.

fernvalley01 said...

Sweet baby pics ! I love the new header ,very nice.Is it the momma of the colt that is standoffish? My mares are always happy to show off the fillies , but will only let me close to the colts for the first day or so

Crystal said...

SHirley, no, none of tehm have the same sires.
and Sherry, she was a little unsure of what todi, because earlier that morning she was fine when I held the filly and rubbed her, and today she walked right up to me, I just put it up to first foal and stangers lurking in her pasture, lol

Linda said...

Your sort of making me miss having mares around ;)

CCC said...

I love that little black face.