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Monday, November 7, 2011

This week with Ponies

I haven't posted much last week for no reason.  But I have done some pony stuff.  I rode Razz on Wednesday and Saturday.  Also on Saturday I brushed Disco and brought her in the barn, which she knew exactly what was going on there cause she just walked right into the stall and over to the feed dish, lol.  She stayed in the stall while I rode Razz and only called out a couple times.  I am thinking I won't be riding her till after Tuesday when she is getting her teeth done.  I am excited and yet nervous as well. 

Duchess has been making her way into the herd here at home.  I felt a little sorry for her when I turned her out with everyone cause they were all about protecting the baby, but she is very much an alpha mare and she had no problems getting in the middle of the herd and I expect before too long she will be ruling it. 

I had to get after her the other day when she kicked out at another horse when I was out there and I yelled at her.  She run away about 5 steps and looked back at me like she couldn't believe someone was yelling at her.  I said I was sorry and I know she has never been chased away for doing that before, but I don't want to get hurt out there even though I know she wouldn't hurt me on purpose I want to avoid any opportunities.

I am really torn on weather to put a blanket on Razz.  I would like one on her so hopefully she will not sweat as much when I ride her, but it is a lot easier for me to not have one on her.  I am not gonna put one on for sure until I know if I am gonna ride Disco all winter.  Cause if I ride Disco I may turn Razz out for the rest of winter.  I bought one the other day I will use to start out with if I do blanket her.  it is a rain sheet with a polar fleece liner.  i think it will work really well as just keeping her a warmer out of the wind before it gets really cold and she needs a real winter blanket.


gtyyup said...

I hate the blanket thing too. We're lucky to have the barn stalls with runs...except the cleaning part. They only come in when it's going to be really cold, windy and/or wet. Colt keeps a pretty thin coat that way.

Country Gal said...

Wonderful photos. I love seeing the horses with their fuzzy winter coats though , sometimes that doesnt keep them warm enough does it. Back in the old days we never put blankets on our horses in the winters they all always had the warm fuzzy winter coat. Have a wonderful day !

Shirley said...

I don't remember you mentioning Duchess before.
I blanket Beamer, but not the others. I ride him enough in the winter to make it worthwhile, and besides, he LOVES his blanket. He's pretty pathetic without it- such a wuss! I have 4 of them and rotate them if they get wet or too dirty. I only used two last winter.

lisa said...

All the ponies look good. Blanket or not to blanket, choices , choices. I don't but I can bring in the horses if need be.

Janice said...

I don't blanket but if I had to I could bring them in.I'm not remembering that last Mare and I don't see her in your sidebar, she's a good lookin horse.

Leah Fry said...

Jaz, my delicate grey flower, needs a blanket. Typical of drafts ad draft crosses, Daltrey runs a little hotter and in any case has a winter coat like a yak. The problem is that Poko, a horse I used to own and that my current two are pastured with, is hell on blankets. I just bought Jaz a new one — a good one — and am dreading what Poko will do to it.