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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Looking Back

This afternoon I was cleaning out my basement room and some of the rubbermaids in there are full of stored stuff, so since I been throwing stuff out I thought I better see what I could throw out of there.  It sure was funny looking through a bunch of that old stuff.  Some of it I can't even believe that I kept this long, like theses reports and stuff from high school.  (What was with the peach paper???)

And I found this cool puzze of Bananas in Pajamas that my friend Melissa sent to me when we were just out of school and she wrote a letter on the back.

And some cool crayola packs from when I was collecting crayons and stuff.

And my sticker album from when I was really young, was kinda fun too look through there.

And all the fun things we did before we had the internet like writing out song words.  Amazing I would spend the time to do that.

I also found some more recent things like out wedding invitation. (Which I still think is pretty:))

And then found the wedding cards and this really cute anniversary card from Neil a few years ago.

Makes it more fun to clean out stuff when it brings back good memories like that (well except school).


Shirley said...

Most of those things would make a good memories scrapbook. The only scrapbook I ever did was for my daughter- it has all her report cards, awards, and school pictures in it.

fernvalley01 said...

fun treasures! And your invitations were very pretty

Leah Fry said...

I've gotten decidedly un-sentimental these days. I keep cards and such for a week or so, then it's outta here (said like Tony Soprano). I wish I could be more ruthless with some of the stuff I have lurking in closets.