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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Big Plans for the Winter

Well yesterday I went riding and saddled Disco again and put the snaffle bit on her just to hold while  rode Razz.  The whole time she was chewing and being silly so I still never got on her.  She was much better with everything else though, stood still while brushing and saddling so that was an improvement.  But I better get on her soon cause I want to show her in the Jan 7th show, so I better get her in shape so we can work the flag and some cows too.
(Disco all saddled up and ready, just not sure I am ready)

And Razz was soo awesome too.  We did a little trotting then some loping and I made her go slow which was pretty good, still tries to go fast most of the time.  Then mixed her up and trotted again before loping the other way.  then more trotting at the end.  In the middle we did circles and rollbacks and figure eights and even some counter bending.  She was pretty responsive until Jardi come to talk to me and we stood still for a while then she thought we should be done, so we trotted and worked some more till she wasn't trying to quit on me.  She is getting way better, but I read an article last night about Chiropractic work and it said something about if the horse has trouble chewing and making sharp turns the jaw may be out, and since Razz has issues with her face, maybe a chiro should be next on our list of things to check out for her.  I was more thinking it was nerves or something but this might work too.
(Disco still all saddled (even though the saddle is obviously not tight as it slid back quite a ways))

And this weekend I am heading to BC to drop of Casino and Jamaica and pick up the dun mare from a million posts ago that we are trading for.  Should be a fun but long weekend.  Think its about 5-6 hour drive so I am thinking I will leave on Friday afternoon and stop in Radium or Invermere overnight then head to her place for about 10ish and ride the mare and then load up and head home.  That way it will still be a decent time when I get home on Saturday.  I am thinking I will leave her at Jardi's and take Razz home.  That way I can get her ridden instead of putting it off till next summer. 

Sure will be a challenging but interesting winter with riding 2 new horses and I am hoping I will at least like one of them.  Both would be nice but I'm not sure about that cause I am pretty picky about what I really like and am kinda wary about riding horses that other people have ridden, not that they cant be good, but I like things a certain way and not everyone is the same way.  But I am trying to keep an open mind and will ride both and see. 

It will be kinda weird not having any horses in the corral for the winter though.  At least until it gets real cold and I might have to bring in Jazz. I am still up in the air about her, I think I probly would really like to ride her cause I really like Razz, but now my heart says not so much, but I will find out in the spring when she gets started.


Janice said...

Crystal where are you going to pick up this horse. Radium and or Invermere is pretty close to here. You could stay here if you want. Maybe Shirley would come up too.

Country Gal said...

Wow a busy horse women . If I may ask , what do you look for in a horse that suits you ? What type of temperment, gate and so on ! Have a wonderful day !

Shirley said...

You might want to wait a week, the roads won't be very good through the mountains right now. Where is the horse located?

fernvalley01 said...

Busy girl! travel safely and take lots of pics!

Crystal said...

Shes actually in Canal Flats, so not too far if I stay over and I rread the weather forecast and it looks like a little snow tomorrow and none on Saturday but kinda cold, but I will drive careful and if it gets bad will stop. I would like to visit Janice, that would be fun.

Janice said...

Crystal that's only about 45 min from me. I am really easy to find, no leaving the main hwy or anything.You are welcome here anytime.