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Monday, January 18, 2016

Saturdays Show

Well first the tree.  I dunno why I call it a Jesus tree, always have.  It just has the shape and all by itself reminds me of a tree that would be in Jerusalem.  And its pokey makes me think of his thorns he wore when he died on the cross.  Neil thinks I'm crazy but he calls it that too now.

And the show.  Not a great success like I was hoping.  But all in all not bad since its been forever since I have shown.  I made lots of mistakes but halfway through the third cow I figured it out.  Bit late by then but usually I think of it afterwards.  I was kinda frustrated he wasn't stopping straight and realized if I actually rode him he would have.  So he was babysitting me which is nice but not winning worthy. I wasn't in the right position so he was trying to make it easier for him to keep working the cow.  I also put my hand down on the second cow when there was too many cows out front, I didn't even realize it until Doug said and then I can't pick it up again or its a lost point.  Well I lost that cow cause he picked one when I put my hand down and it was not the one I picked.
(missed first cow, too bad it felt good I'd have liked to see it)

I went by myself and got there way earlier than planned (its closer than I thought) so I got to watch almost the whole thing.  Met a nice couple people beside me who were new to cutting as well, that's kinda fun.  Shes leasing a horse while looking for one to buy.  And I got to meet Loiusa too that was super fun.

I went back for a lesson today, he got Sunday off but I coulda (maybe shoulda) given him Monday off as well.  Of course I didn't think of it till I was halfway there so we had an easy ride and worked the flag a little bit.  If I let him get lazy on the flag he sure will, always turns with it but doesn't stop straight or back up like he knows he supposed to.
(after the run the herd holder gave me my hat back, 
Easy wasn't sure that was a good idea)

Doug says wasn't bad, figures it will take me a year before I can go in the show ring and ride him like I should without getting super nervous and letting him do it all.  I told Easy he has to be patient with me cause I'm trying.  He seemed to agree.  Kinda like when I told him he better be good cause he was expensive, he looked right at me and I'm sure he was saying "I'm worth it"  Well so far so good :)


With a Western Twist said...

It was great meeting you too! Next time we'll have to find each other earlier in the show and have a chat :) I thought you guys did great! First time showing in awhile, on a brand "new" to you horse, that's a lot to handle right there. Plus he didn't spook when your hat came off, haha, i've seen some horses go nutty over that.

Next show will go much better. We all have our moments, I'm tickled with my shitty 63 haha.. thats how bad my first show went, so i'm hoping NEXT show will be even better for both of us! ;)

Janice L. Grinyer said...

You got it done and over, analyzed it death (bet you did that even while trying to go to sleep this past weekend lol) and now its Time to move on to the good days ahead! xox

Linda said...

Good to know about the tree...maybe I'll get to see it sometime. I think you probably just need to breathe and relax....it'll come.

Shirley said...

It's always good to have a visual reminder of Jesus .:0)
I was wondering if you and Louisa would meet up- cool!
It sounds like Easy is the perfect horse for you, and once you really start clicking with him you are going to have a lot of fun showing.

lisa said...

You'll be a pro before you know it. They say you learn more from mistakes than not!

TeresaA said...

My philosophy has always been that the only way to learn to show is to show. That means that initially it's not about the ribbons but the experience.

I haven't shown in years so this will be a learning curve for me and Carmen! Heaven help us all. If cows show up we may end up on the moon. ;)

4RRanch said...

Looks like you were getting into it on that last one. You are doing more than most people, doing not just talking about it. Good job!

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

The hardest show is always the first one back. ;-). But now that it's out of the way, I bet it will all start coming back. :-)

fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like you and Easy will be making it look easy before long. Don't over analyse the show, you showed up and you tried, now the worst is over and you can go forward and improve every time