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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

More Craft Room Planning

So since I did the plan on Sunday stills, i got more info.  Some from you guys :) and I have these 2 books which are great, for heights and spacing and what to do with all the started projects.  And unstarted ones,  I think I have enough to never buy anymore (but I will)

So the new plans have cupboards above all the counters except where the sewing machine ans pressing/planning spot is.  Extra lights over that spot and lights under cupboards specially by the scrap booking station.  Desk tops are 18 inches wide and 32 inches high with 35 inches high where ironing and the sewing machine inset into a desk (probly not the set up I have now as its not made for my machine and it just wont work (I've tried) but I have found plans to make a desk into an inset sewing machine holder at 27" high)  Wall lights by window seat and bookcases on each side.  Window seat is 12-15 inches wide and probly 17 inches high.  I also marked all the registers and plug ins and the modem plug on the plans so I know where they are.  Probly wont put any curtains on the window but its still an option later on.  Id like to remove closet doors but not sure hubby will like that.

I have been trying to work on some smaller started projects I have and get them out of the way.  Smaller ones work better for now as I am putting them away every night so they don't get coffee stains on them.  One day I will find a way to leave them out safely.  I actually finished one that was on my resolution list (yay) but that still leaves lots more to go.
( seed package from resolution list :)  
I see when I started it last it wasn't centered, 
probly why I quit but it all fit so I guess it'll work)

(Love this Eeyore bookmark)

(just started this magnet one, see my horsey floss holder)

(and a while ago was gonna make shirts for all the babies 
oops no ones gotten one yet,
 although I did make a few blankets and give them away)

I have many many horsey cross stitches I have collected over the years, some I have done but many not finished yet.  I can only work on them for a little bit at a time cause my thumb gets sore from holding the needle, trying to work my way up so it doesn't but still only can get about an hour in at once.  I have a whole bunch of cross stitches that are done that I need to do something with but that's a whole nother story.
(so many but I love them all)

I have lots of wood projects going on but I have a hard time doing that in the winter, my shop can be heated but its not insulated so it still is cold unless by the stove.  And if I wanna cut or sand too much I prefer the door open or doing it outside so I wait till warmer weather.  But I do plan on building a window seat in the dining area this spring as soon as the snow goes, no need to bring wetness inside.


Shirley said...

You got enough stuff going on to keep you busy for years! But having the craft room done will make it more organized and easier to do projects.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

I'm working on my craft room (aka-the garage) too. I've started and stopped too many times over the years and now I just want it done. I'm tired of having to drag all of my stuff out, have to try to remember where I left off and then it seems like I no sooner get started on something when I pack it all back up because I can't stand it laying all over the place. Sadly, the older I get the more important organization is to me. LOL.

Linda said...

I love my craft room at the Hat...the one thing that I really want is to build an ironing platform for ironing big pieces of fabric....I found a place that sells the quilted Teflon...now I just need to get a piece of plywood cut. My craft area here is in tow rooms and I have to walk back and forth all the time.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Good to see what you are working on. I think the hardest part is putting the finishing touches on projects. I just finished a 12x16 needlepoint canvas, had to search high and low for a frame for it, and now that I got it to fit into the frame after adding rows and stretching out the canvas, the whole thing is too heavy to hang on the wall. It turns out that frame didn't even come with hanging hardware, so I just have it propped against a wall in a bedroom on a dresser.

Then I opened up my next project and was frustrated to see that it requires counting since there is no stamped image on the canvas. I can't do counted cross-stitch or counted hook rugs or counted needlepoint or counted anything anymore because my eyesight is so bad. Plus I prefer to do mindless stuff that doesn't require my full attention since I'm being distracted every ten seconds.

Janice L. Grinyer said...

Will be watching how you do your craft room! I have one too, but using shelves right now. Everything gets pretty dusty that way (Montana winds, go figure)... I'd like to put in some cabinets; thinking of going to the Billings ReStore and seeing what they have...

And I'm still working on a cross stitch Christmas skirt from 1989 LOL I like your horse collection, though - that Needle treasures one is CUTE!

lisa said...

I love my weaving room, it is my own personal space. Nothing better than being able to be creative in peace and quiet ;)