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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Crazy Weekend

Whew what a crazy weekend.  Friday I dropped off my trailer to get repaired and a few additions on, that went well I'm hoping  its done by this weekend so I can go do stuff, like a poker rally Saturday.  But I would rather it have everything done than pick it up early.

From there I headed to Olds to the Draft Horse Sale.  I love that sale :)  I purposely went for harness for Jax, a complete set, and I got one for $210, pretty cheap and its a nice one too.  Haven't had a chance to try it on him yet, maybe tomorrow.  I also bought a kinda worn out farm harness that will probly fit him, Its got a collar and some extras so I  hope I can make one good set out of it.  Really wanted to buy some Belgians there but I refrained it was hard though.  team of 2 geldings that had done everything from farm work to pulling wedding carriages in town, 3400 each, totally worth it.  And a Percheron team driven by a 10 year old they were so well behaved, they done everything too and went for 4800 each.  But no horses for me, I really like them but just soooo big.  So I will start with Jax and work my way up lol.

Friday night I stayed over at my Moms and we had a good visit, that was nice.  I went back to the sale Saturday that's when they sold the horses.  I didn't buy anything Saturday but I did want to get some prices for the wagons and stuff they sold afterwards, just out of curiosity, they had no pony stuff this year besides a team wagon for parades so I wasn't even tempted.

Came home and finally saw my ponies and Neil and had steak and baked potatoes for supper, mmm so goood.  Then Sunday had a 31 party at a friends.  We had made plans if it worked out we would ride after.  I of course have no trailer so I just brought my saddle and rode her horse.  It was supposed to be rainy and cold but by the time we rode it was beautiful out, perfect for riding.

Monday morning and I finally got to stay home!  I did chores then worked on getting the lawn mower ready and then decided to ride. When Lawerence was out he was saying something about the south dam.  Made me sad I hadn't been down there this got year. I usually ride out there once a week.  But I been riding in the arena so much and on horses that are unsure riding out alone that I just haven't so I saddled Jess and away we went.  Was so nice.  She gets a bit weaving the first 1/4 mile thinking we should go back but after that just walked out nice.  Gave me a chance to use my GoPro on my head, I think it does work better and I'm getting used to it, still got a few pics with my arm in but not as many.

Then C called and asked to borrow our truck they found a camper the like that was cheap and they have the wrong hookup so I went over and dropped it off and visited there with S who was there and got home at supper time.  Then went back today to trade back and of course had to visit with Sh in town and have lunch that was nice. And we toured to the Orkney viewpoint to try out her car she just got fixed.  I never been up there for some reason, So many tourist places close by I never go to.

Then came home and last night was more therapeutic riding so headed the opposite way to Brooks and did 2 sessions cause another lady never showed up again.  Next week its picture week that should be fun.  And today I am staying home and riding and working in the garden and maybe on Neil's birthday gift I need to get it done so I can do other stuff.


Shirley said...

That's the good kind of busy. You sure have some nice places where you can go for long rides.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

That's a lot to get done, and then to fit in a ride too. I'll bet you feel satisfied for getting so much done. I got my momentum up cleaning house yesterday, and then my husband came home early sick and I had to stop because his lungs react badly to cleaning fluid fumes. Now I can't get that motivation back.

TeresaA said...

That's a very busy weekend! You are dedicated to riding which is not easy when there are lots of things going on.

Mrs Shoes said...

Gorgeous pictures of the valley Crystal.