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Saturday, May 20, 2017

More Riding

Had a nice lady (a friend) come out on Thursday and try out Pally.  She hasn't rode in a long time and would like too and her granddaughter comes down and stays during the summer and she is quite the little rider.  So she was interested in leasing Pally for the summer, after branding season.  It will work well for me, someone to exercise my horse :)  Not sure she is interested 100% because I know they were sold a kid quiet horse and she bucked and bucked on them so she is really suspicious.  Which is understandable and it sucks.  Also why she wants a lease then if it doesn't work out she can return her.   I'm not really looking so sell her but if the right place came I would.  I don't mind even keeping her around just for fun cause I like her lol.  Nice to get on from the ground and she literally has done everything so I know I can do whatever I want on her. Shes not perfect but shes a good horse.

Then I rode Razz that evening totally confused her and me oops.  Forgot the gate to the hay corral was bad to Neil just permanently wired across it.  There is another one but I forgot and rode over to it, Razz musta thought I was weird when I made her go that way then turn around and come back.  Oh well not the craziest thing I've done with her.
(gotta ride in the arena first)

(then way out)

(and home, so green )

Also been taking Jess out randomly, last night we went over in the hay field, past the bulls and across the summerfallow field on the way back.  We were riding and then comes by Neil in his truck, just come back from the north place putting up gates.  So we visited for a bit while Jess got a break and a snack.
(our house, should get a front view with ears )

(bulls in the corner, worth looking at, but they didn't care about us, didn't even get up)

(Wide open prairie, under big skies)

(Oh there is Neil)

(funny view from GoPro looking down)

(and across the freshly plowed summerfallow, ready for seeding)

And today headed to Chars with Easy, Razz, and Jess and rode in her arena.  Perfect day for riding.  Although I am using Neil's stock trailer and its a bit different cause mine is in the shop, had a bent axle and it was under warranty so waiting for the parts to come from Oklahoma should be ready next week.  After clinic of course.  But will be so nice.  So no tack room on Neil's trailer and so they had to wear the saddles.  Something new for Easy, a stock trailer and carry your own saddle and bridle.  He was a pro I think he liked it better actually.
(Big Razz is in the way but everyone else is in there too 
if you look you see Jess ears on right side and Easy stirrup on left by Razz chest)

Tomorrow we go to see my Mom for Mothers Day and then 2 more rides till the clinic.  Should be fun I guess.  Hope hes a good teacher cause we are going back in July lol.  Its at Amazing Horse Country, Scott Phillips.  It sounds like a lot of fun but a lot of rules,  We shall see.


Shirley said...

You sure do have some nice riding country.
I find that horses really like stock trailers, they can balance themselves without much restriction, and they load really well in them- less claustrophobic.

TeresaA said...

That looks like a great spot to go for a gallop!