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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Moving and Cleaning

Well moved things around here and had a few hassles.  Turned out Nita with George on the North pasture and kept Razz in.  As expected no fighting, a bit of noise here and there but that's pretty normal.  Then I go out to do night chores and there is Nita standing by the others, not good.  So I catch her and put her back.  Next morning she is back.  So I catch her tie her up and go to put panels over the Texas gate.  Well as I am watching her she rears up throws her head up and breaks the lead rope.  She has done that before cause she wasn't upset just went right to grazing.  Then as I am on the way out there to get her cause I have only got one panel so far she jumps the Texas gate right in front of me.  She's done that before too cause she didn't even hesitate just walked up to it and jumped.  So I caught her put her in a pen where she can not see anyone haha she did not like that and I got the panels put up and after a while put her out again, after she settled down.  2 days and so far so good, even saw her out at the far end grazing.  She only has to bee out there a couple weeks till she goes to get bred then she  will be in the field right next to the other horses with no Texas gate.
(newly fixed up gate)

(George and Nita, seems all quiet)

I rode Razz for the first time this year and of course she was good but oh so fat and out of shape.  Not good since I am taking her to the clinic next week.  Its a progressive clinic and we get 1.5 hours a day to work on whatever we want so I really want her to move into a bridle.  She is good in the hackmore but I want more.  So that's my plan, not a lot of fast work just getting her to accept it and be happy about it.  Its too bad the forecast says rain and cold those 2 days, but I think there may be and indoor but Im bringing my slicker just in case.
(worked the arena with the tractor as old as me :) )

(Had to leave the horses in arena for a bit, Jess and Razz)

(Jess is fickle left Razz for Easy lol)

(and Neil cleaned out the shed, its been a few years was getting short in there)

Also been riding Easy on and off, plan to go to 3 central shows this year, starting the end of July but Id like to go to more lessons probly after branding season.  There was a limited show I really wanted to go to but its just at a bad time no way can I go after a full week of brandings :(  Oh Well I will save my money for next year I guess.  I think I have decided I am gonna leave him there for show season or try to board somewhere on the way its just too hard being dependant on weather trying to show from home until i get an indoor arena.


TeresaA said...

She's quite the jumper! And full of opinions. :)

Shirley said...

Haha Nita doesn't want to hang with the boys!
That should be a fun clinic with Razz- who is teaching?