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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Weather. And Horses

Monday before the plant sale, Neil was out farming and he messages me that Nita was out and heading east across the farm field.  Stinkin horse, maybe that's why she was for sale.  But anyways that's a couple miles away and I'm not walking that far so I get Jessie and figure Ill ride out.  Well I had her saddled and Neil says shes heading south in the winter pasture now.  OK that's the way I was gonna go out anyways.  I had a hunch she would come back to the yard anyways and sure enough just as I was bridling Jess she comes running in the yard.  So I drop my reins and corner Nita put a rope over her neck and lead her to a still in my arena.  Since Jess was all ready to ride I figured I might as well go anyways.  So instead of on a horse hunt we went south to look at our mismatched cows.  We got the cow with the twins out there and the cripple cow and the one we put a twin calf on after she lost hers.  They were all hanging out by the dugout and just happy so we headed back home, kinda short ride but I hadn't planned on riding at all so it was good.

Then I don't want Nita out again so I figured turn out Jess and Easy and keep Nita in with Razz, that was gonna be interesting when I went to the clinic Nita would be along, but I know she cant get out of the corral by herself and shes done it before, and she has ponies on the other side of the fence.
(George just want cookies lol)

 Well that worked well till after the plant sale I came home and Easy had himself just in a lather, what a nut, so I turned out Razz and Nita and so far all is good out there.  I have to fix the close fence so they can be where I can lock them in the corral in the daytime so I can ride and they don't get too obese.

And well it didn't matter about the clinic, they cancelled cause of the miserable wind and rain, or maybe snow over there I don't know.  Kinda sucks but not much you can do when its all outdoors.  Oh well he said he will give us a refund or we can do another clinic or he will come to our place to do a clinic.  Not sure what I want.  I was kinda excited about it but now I just have too much to do that I would rather my own thing for now, not sure I need a clinic on anything but driving and I don't see anywhere he does that so I will go elsewhere, maybe in July there is a clinic I think. Anyway before the storm we had the most orange sky it was so pretty.


(also got flowers cause I had the camera out lol, the lilacs just opened)

And yesterday and today are just awful wind wind and wind, can hardly stand in the house never mind outside.  And we hardly got any rain even, maybe 1/4 inch but its been blown away for sure.  I was hoping for more rain as we just got the crop seeded so it woulda been perfect timing.  Really was hoping today was nice so I could get the rest of the plants planted but I guess maybe Saturday as I am going shopping in Calgary tomorrow.

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Mrs Shoes said...

That little stinker, Nita.
What a beautiful sky, and the flower pics make me envy - lilies of the valley are just starting to bloom. It's been a real up & down spring here - Tuesday it was 6 degrees & Friday it was 34 which of course brought vicious thunderstorms-- arghh.