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Sunday, June 4, 2017

My Trailer is Home

Been to 3 brandings now, just getting started, this week is gonna be a busy one but after it we only have 4 more so that will be kinda nice.  I took Razz to one and Jess to one.  Was planning on taking them Wednesday to the breeders but I may be exhausted but that means I need to wait till the 15th so not sure yet what I am doing there.  I have no branding pics not sure why was working but usually get a few. I will try better this week.

I took my trailer in to get a few things fixed up and a few things added on.  Ha more than a few I had a whole page.  Well one was an inspection and they found one of my axles was bent so I asked if that was warranty and he said usually not but he will ask.  And ask he did and turns out they said yes!  so they actually replaced both and the tire that was worn.  They also rewelded the step into the tack area, added a blanket bar and replaced a saddle rack.  Ad finally got my door organizer hung up.  And I wanted them to find some way to hold open the back divider if I wanted and so he did that was perfect I love it.  And the jack was pretty crappy and the coupler had gotten seized so they fixed that and replaced the jack.  Wasn't cheap but cheaper then I expected so I am happy with that even if it took longer than I expected.  I wanted them to put another tie hook on and they forgot (and never charged me either) but I may take it back cause now I see they have neat shelves that attach in the tack area and I may get a couple of those put in as well.

(I missed having it home)

(back divider holder opener)

(new welded step)

(door hanger partly full)

(and the blanket bar I love! 
 only got one saddle in there now but can fill it up again :) )


Mrs Shoes said...

Is that a Miley maybe Crystal?
Can't beat having a trusty trailer - especially for someone who hauls as often as you do!

Shirley said...

Your tack room is looking good, just a bit empty! I like that step, I might need to put a portable step in mine.

Crystal said...

Its a Sundowner and I sure like it. I do use it a lot and I really missed having it, Neil let me use his but its not the same.

gtyyup said...

Love how big your tack room is...wish my old Brawley had that much room!