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Saturday, June 10, 2017

2017 Branding

Early in the morning, 6 I got up and did chores.  I normally don't get up that early but I should so I can ride before it gets too warm.  Anyways I took Pally over to the neighbors to help gather.  We were there by 8 and it took about an hour.  She was pretty good.  Shes fun :)  She does want to lean towards the trailer and she wasn't fond of going through the slough but we did and she wasn't too hard to convince to go away.  I also stayed on her to help sort the cows out, they like to use horses and she wasn't great but not bad.  Probly never done that before and she's the same height as the cows lol.
(Dusty likes his job)

(Cookie has a creepy  blue eye)

Then after we branded there then went and ate we came home and got the food in the oven for our branding and went out to catch the horses.  They decided they wanted none of that so we were kinda late but a neighbor showed up grabbed our quad and gave us a ride back in while leading the horses it worked good.  They were not that good to gather, we had a little smaller crew and I think the cows knew lol.  But we did get them all in, Razz had to work hard though and she's fast and jumps over holes, I was glad for my cutting horn.

(my Mom even got a pic of me working)

(He was so adorable, trying to throw rocks at gophers and 
gigling when they would pop out of the hole)

We were short a couple people, 2 were not feeling well and one had a graduation so I helped brand for a bit, been a while since I did that and there is a lot of steps.  Good thing Karyn came out and helped finish up the food.  I got back about half hour before everyone else and so we got the food all out and sorted and then we ate.  No one stayed too long I think we were all tired.  I had a bath and bed finally at about 11, I sure slept well too.

I found we went through less beer but more food being the second branding in a day.  I think I like only one a day.  Or we should go first next time.  Specially since we had 2 the day before as well.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Sounds like an exhausting process. It's great that neighbors help neighbors with such hard physical labor.

Shirley said...

Busy season! That's pretty cool that you took your pony branding.
That little boy is so cute, a little cowboy!

TeresaA said...

I have never done anything remotely like that- it must have been tiring.

Cindy D. said...

That looks like a blast!!!!

Mrs Shoes said...

Lot of work, & you looked good doing it!
I don't mind a wall eye so long as it has dark eyeliner, but I don't really like a blue eye surrounded by white. Jmho.